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She immediately felt sorry once more. “Doctor, how is my grandfather?”

“He’s alright, but he’ll need some time to recuperate,” the doctor cautioned her once more. “Remember, he’ll need to abstain from smoking and drinking during this recovery period.”

Xuxu nodded and promised that she would. “Yes, I’ll take note of it. I’ll make sure he doesn’t smoke or drink.”

He had almost frightened her to death, so she would personally supervise him during his recovery.

The old man was being pushed out of the operating theater, and when he saw Xuxu, he pretended to be fast asleep.

Compared to the pain in his leg, he was even more fearful of his granddaughter’s incessant nagging.

He was transferred to the bed when they reached his ward. His eyes remained tightly shut.

Xuxu crossed her arms as she stood by the bedside. She looked at the old man who was still pretending to be asleep and spoke calmly. “Stop pretending. There’s no way you’ll be able to drink in the future.”

The old man heard her, and his eyelids fluttered open. He glared at Xuxu and scolded her, “You wretched lass. Can’t you show me some concern before lecturing me about my mistakes?”

Xuxu smiled and replied, “Grandfather, so you’re aware and conscious of your mistake.”

“I… You…”The old man was left tongue-tied against her accusation, and he started sputtering.

Feeling anxious, he decided to change the topic entirely.

“Third Yan, why are you here?”

He stared at Yan Rusheng in shock.

“…” Young Master Yan’s face fell. What does the old man mean by asking why I’m here?

Old Wen didn’t wait for him to respond and he glanced at the door. He sounded rather resentful. “Why isn’t Ah Heng here? Didn’t you tell him that I was injured and asked him to visit with some gifts?”

The doctor was right, this old fellow couldn’t be any better…

Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth furiously as he thought in his head.

He was still thinking of gifts when he was already injured. Furthermore, it was already late at night, wasn’t he afraid that he’d get indigestion after eating?

There was a long pause…

Wen Xuxu was dumbfounded as she looked at the energetic-looking old man who was lying in bed. “Rest well now. You almost frightened me to death.”

She knew that he didn’t want her to be worried about him. And so he was putting on an act by trying to be his usual jovial self.

But she wasn’t a gullible three-year-old kid who would be duped so easily.

She had learned traditional Chinese massages before. So she knew how painful bone fractures can be.

“Shit!” The old man suddenly recalled something, and he yelled. “I forgot to lock the clinic when I left. Hurry back and lock the door.”

Xuxu’s mouth twitched as she thought in her heart. I’ve underestimated this old man’s health. He’d drunk so much and fractured his leg due to a fall. Despite everything that had happened tonight, he could still remember that he’d forgotten to lock the door.

“I’ll stay and look after you.” She glanced at Qi Lei. “Let Qi Lei head back to the clinic.”

The old man interrupted Qi Lei before he could reply. “It’s inconvenient if you stay. Let Qi Lei stay instead.”

Xuxu mulled over his words and felt that he was right. He couldn’t move his body, and if he needed to go to the toilet, it would indeed be a little inconvenient for her to take care of his needs.

She deliberated for a moment before saying, “Then let me stay with you for a short while.”

“Are you going to pay for my losses if a burglar breaks into my clinic?” The old man rolled his eyes at Xuxu and pushed her with his uninjured hand. “Hurry back to the clinic and lock the door. I’m going to sleep.”

After he finished talking, he shut his eyes and pressed his lips tightly. It seemed that he was bent on not saying another word tonight.

Xuxu couldn’t change his mind, and so she turned around to face Qi Lei. “Qi Lei, I’ll leave him in your care. I’ll take over in the morning.”

She glanced at the empty bed beside theirs. It should be vacant since the bedsheets were neatly arranged. “Sleep on that empty bed for tonight.”