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Yan Rusheng read Jiang Zhuoheng’s reply and he narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

He asked: Wen Xuxu said that she wanted to pick you up?

Jiang Zhuoheng replied: Of course. Unlike you, she cares more about her friendships.

Tsk. Wen Xuxu, is your pride that worthless? So much for boasting that she’d put the past behind her.

The heartless guy had abandoned her in the past. Now that he was coming back, she couldn’t wait to reconcile with him again.

This was too embarrassing.

Boss Yan instantly sent her a private message: Wen Xuxu, you couldn’t wait to throw yourself at Jiang Zhuoheng the minute he gets back?

Wen Xuxu had the group chat hidden hence there weren’t any notifications. But she did receive one from the private chats.

Her cell phone vibrated and she rummaged in her bag to find it. The screen indicated a QQ message sent by Yan Rusheng.

She was puzzled for a second. She slid her finger across the screen and read the message from Yan Rusheng. Her expression darkened instantly.

Does that have anything to do with you? Wen Xuxu replied crudely.

What had she done to express any desperation to throw herself at Jiang Zhuoheng? He’s being ridiculous.

Yan Rusheng replied: Of course it has nothing to do with me, but you’re my company’s employee. If I remember correctly, the second of next month is a Wednesday. We’re all swamped with work right now so I won’t allow any applications for leave nor taking time off work!

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

This fellow isn’t having a fever tonight, is he? When did she say that she was applying for leave or taking time off work?

She was feeling puzzled when her cell phone vibrated again. The message wasn’t from Yan Rusheng.

She glanced at the notification—the message was from Jiang Zhuoheng.

Dear Xuxu, I’m returning on the second of next month. You’ll pick me up at the airport, right?

He added a teeth-baring smiley emoticon at the end of the message.

The second of next month… Yan Rusheng had just mentioned this exact date too.

You can’t wait to throw yourself at Jiang Zhuoheng the minute he’s back.

Wen Xuxu understood the message in an instant and couldn’t help but smile.

She replied to Jiang Zhuoheng’s question: I’m afraid I can’t. The boss just informed me that he won’t permit me to apply for leave or take time off from work.

Jiang Zhuoheng must have tipped Yan Rusheng off, saying that she would be picking him up.

Yan Rusheng just couldn’t bear to see her well and happy. If Yan Rusheng and Xuxu got back together, she would have a justifiable reason to mock him for being jilted by Fang Jiayin.

Jiang Zhuoheng replied: As expected…

Wen Xuxu asked uncertainly: What do you mean by ‘as expected’?

Jiang Zhuoheng: Nothing much. You don’t have to pick me up but I’ll be expecting you to treat me.

Wen Xuxu: Of course. I’ll treat you to a lavish feast when you get back.

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled.

After reaching home, Wen Xuxu showered and lay on her bed. She started watching her drama series.

She received a message notification from her cell phone. She glanced at the screen, it was from Jiang Zhuoheng.

Xuxu, go to the classmates’ group chat.

Classmates’ group chat? Wen Xuxu’s eyebrows lifted for a moment with apprehension before she recalled the group chat she had with her middle school classmates. The participants in the group chat were all her close friends from middle school.

She’d hidden the group chat three years ago and had been inactive ever since.

Why was he suddenly messaging her to enter the group chat?

A perplexed Wen Xuxu launched the QQ app and entered the classmates’ group chat. The second she entered, she saw a red packet.

She simply clicked on it without noticing the sender’s name.

It was a 520 1 red packet.

After snatching the red packet, she realized that Jiang Zhuoheng had sent it. Did this fellow message her just so she’d snatch the red packet? Besides, it was a huge 520 red packet.

As she considered this, her face blushed slightly.