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Qi Lei bashfully nodded. “Okay. Sister Xuxu, don’t worry about me.”

Even though it had been two years since he came to the capital, he still seemed like an innocent and shy youth who had just arrived from the countryside. This was because he hadn’t had the chance to venture out and experience the city.

Xuxu looked at him with an affectionate expression in her eyes. “Thank you so much. You should rest early too once the old man is asleep. Don’t tire yourself out.”

Yan Rusheng witnessed everything, and he furrowed his eyebrows glumly.

Why was she so gentle to everybody except for him? Towards him, she was always so fierce and as proud as a peacock.

Cough. Why not change his mindset instead and interpret it as her treating him differently from the others?

“Then I’ll make a move first.” Xuxu glanced at her grandfather with a slightly worried look. “Grandfather, I’ll visit you tomorrow morning.”

Old Wen didn’t open his eyes. “Remember to ask Ah Heng to visit me with some gifts.”

There was a long pause…

Young Master Yan was about to bid him goodbye when he heard the old man’s words. He clammed up instantly, then turned to leave after sneering at the old man in his heart.

After exiting the ward, he walked away with quick strides.

By the time Wen Xuxu stepped out, he had already reached the next corner.

He didn’t seem to have any intentions of slowing down, so she didn’t bother to call out to him. She was already surprised enough when he decided to send her to the hospital.

It never crossed her mind that he would be sending her home.

After she closed the door gently behind her, she walked towards the elevator.

It was a peak hour for the office workers who had just finished work. The hospital elevator was packed with people, and it was hard to make their way in.

Another elevator went down before his eyes, and it added another wave of fury in Young Master Yan who was already fuming. He glared at Wen Xuxu who was still taking her time reaching the elevator. He yelled, “Stupid woman, you’re so slow even when you’re walking!”

Another elevator opened its doors, and Yan Rusheng grabbed her arm without another word and hauled her inside.

The whole elevator was filled with people being squeezed together.

After she gained her footing, Xuxu raised her head to look at Yan Rusheng in surprise. “I thought you left.”

Young Master Yan responded coolly. “If the elevator hadn’t just arrived, do you think I would choose to wait for you?”

He felt like biting his tongue off after he said those words.

If he didn’t choose to wait for her, he would have entered the previous elevator that had fewer people.

Xuxu merely smiled at that indisputable truth.

When the elevator stopped, and the doors opened, a swarm of people rushed in as though there was a morning event at a supermarket.

Xuxu’s petite body was almost buried among the crowd.

Suddenly she could feel someone pinching her butt. She was about to turn around to take a look when that hand moved towards her waist and attempted to delve into her skirt.

She jerked her head violently, and a man in his mid-forties was staring at the lower part of her body with a lewd smile.

Xuxu remained composed as she raised her foot and stomped down heavily.

Thankfully it was the company’s rule that female employees had to wear heels. Although it was only three or four inches tall, its destructive power was still substantial.

The man jumped and screamed in pain when she stomped on his foot. He glared angrily at Wen Xuxu. “You wretched woman, why did you step on me?!”

Ha! He still has the guts to raise his voice!

Xuxu’s gaze brushed across him and retorted coldly, “You have a pair of repulsive and vile hands.”

The two of them began arguing, startling rest of the people in the elevator. They had no idea what the argument was all about.

To her surprise, that man wasn’t the least bit intimidated by her, and he even stared at her chest with a lecherous expression. He bellowed and swore, “You damned b*tch. Aren’t you trying to seduce guys by wearing this outfit in the elevator?”