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He couldn’t help but lower his head and inch slowly towards Xuxu’s alluring face.

A strong and familiar scent floated towards her and Xuxu could only retreat backward until she had reached the wall of the elevator.

Her burning palms were pressed against the cold surface. Her palms started sweating, and it heated up the area that she touched.

Her cheeks seemed to be ablaze as his fiery gaze was fixated on her face. It was so hot that she felt like placing her face against the cold surface of the elevator too.

Young Master Yan suddenly pressed his palms against the elevator and confined the tiny woman standing in front of him with his hands.

This action stunned Xuxu as she peered upwards with an innocent and helpless look on her face.

Oh my god!

That expression was way too seductive, and Young Master Yan couldn’t help but move closer to Xuxu’s lips. At the same time, his mind began racing for an excuse to give after the deed was done—in order to preserve his pride he would explain that he didn’t mean to kiss her.

Should he say that she had seduced him?

Nah, she would definitely deny it.

“Young man, that guy has already fainted from the pain. If he’s dead, you’ll be executed. Hurry up and save him first, leave the kissing for when you get home.”

An elderly lady’s kind voice called out from outside the elevator.

She broke Young Master Yan’s train of thought and destroyed that beautiful and alluring moment. Both of them were jolted back to reality.

“Why would you think that I wanted to kiss her?” Young Master Yan turned around to glare at the elderly lady with her ‘kind intentions’.

“I merely caught a whiff of something sweaty, and I suspected that it was coming from her! I just wanted to confirm it by smelling her.”

It was too embarrassing. He didn’t even get what he wanted, and he’d already been humiliated.

That elderly lady was disconcerted by Yan Rusheng’s yells. After a long while, she responded with an “Oh!”.

As she turned around to leave, she mumbled under her breath. “He was gutsy enough when it came to beating up that guy. Why is he refusing to admit it when he obviously wants to kiss that girl?”

Young Master Yan had an exceptional sense of hearing, and he heard everything the elderly lady had mumbled to herself. He felt even more exasperated.

Why are the elderly so annoying nowadays?!

Xuxu slid down the wall, and she slipped out under Yan Rusheng’s arms.

She kept her back to him, and her cheeks were flushed crimson. Her heart was beating so wildly against her ribcage; it seemed that it would jump out at any minute.

Earlier, she’d thought the same thing that elderly lady did. The thought of him wanting to kiss her was so wonderful that she could hardly contain herself.

She had almost closed her eyes in anticipation of his kiss.

Thankfully, that elderly lady’s timely intervention spared me from this guy’s ridicule and contempt.

As she thought of this, she lifted her arm to smell her armpits. It seemed like there really was an odor.

But it was getting hot recently, and wasn’t it normal to sweat a little? She didn’t believe that he never sweated at all.

Xuxu felt indignant as she thought of his accusation. She felt like shouting, ‘Yan Rusheng, your body stinks as well!’

He had humiliated her in front of so many people.

The surgeon and nurses came to move the lecherous man to receive surgery. Yan Rusheng briefly explained the situation to them.

When he turned around, Xuxu was gone.

He dashed outside and stood at the main entrance of the hospital. His eyes darted around searching for that tiny figure.

There were throngs of people, but she was nowhere in sight.

He was getting anxious yet furious at the same time.

He had dealt with the guy on her behalf and stayed back to handle the situation. And this woman didn’t even bid him goodbye and just left. How ungrateful was she?

But he… he had disappointed himself since he was still worried about her.

There were a lot of foreigners in the vicinity around her grandfather’s clinic. She was so dumb, what if she met some punks or criminals?