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‘You damned b*tch. Are you trying to seduce guys by wearing this outfit in the elevator?’

The words of that lecherous man suddenly echoed in his ear, and he couldn’t help feeling worried again. He quickly took out his car keys and hurried to the parking lot.

F*ck! Which idiot came up with that b*llshit rule about wearing tight-fitting clothes to work?!

At the clinic.

Wen Xuxu sat on the deck chair which her grandfather had brought from his village. She was holding a plate of pan-fried buns, and her lips were smeared with traces of grease.

Every time she finished one, she would lick her fingers with relish as though she didn’t want to waste a single bite.

Jiang Zhuoheng descended the stairs with a glass of milk when he caught sight of her licking her fingers. He furrowed his eyebrows and patted her lightly on her back. “Don’t do that, it’s dirty. Here, have some milk.”

He placed the glass of milk on a stool and dragged another over to sit beside Xuxu. He watched her closely with interest as she devoured the food hungrily.

Xuxu glanced at him and paused before offering him one. “Try one, it’s delicious.”

“What’s so good about junk food?” Jiang Zhuoheng looked at the pan-fried buns with slight disdain.

“How are pan-fried buns junk food?” Xuxu rolled her eyes at him and stuffed one into her mouth. She couldn’t fit the whole bun in, and the sauce started leaking from her mouth and rolled down her chin.

Jiang Zhuoheng hastily wiped her mouth with tissues and said reprovingly, “Wen Xuxu, can’t you learn to eat more gracefully?”

“But I’m not graceful by nature,” Xuxu protested as she snatched the tissues away from him. She stuffed another one in her mouth to spite him.

Oh great, now her mouth was puffed up like a huge bun. There wasn’t any space left inside her mouth, and she had trouble chewing.

She tried to swallow the food slowly, but she ended up… choking.

She blinked her eyes and hurriedly spat out the food.

“Haha…” Jiang Zhuoheng started laughing at her bad luck. He patted her back and offered her the milk. “Quick, drink this.”

Xuxu gulped down the milk, and after a while, she gradually started feeling better.

Her eyes were glistening from all the choking, and her face fell when she realized that Jiang Zhuoheng was still snickering. “Jiang Zhuoheng, I almost choked to death, and you’re still laughing at me.”

“Sorry, I’m in the wrong. Carry on eating,” Jiang Zhuoheng apologized as he held the plate of buns in his hands. He placed one near her mouth and said, “You haven’t had dinner so you should eat more.”

He looked at her with his slightly arched phoenix-like eyes, and his smile was filled with affection and tenderness.

Xuxu abruptly realized how close he was when she felt his warm breath on her face.

She was slightly startled by the realization, and she hesitated between letting him feed her or receiving the bun with her hand instead. Their eyes stared at each other, both lost in their own thoughts.

Yan Rusheng, your worries are unnecessary!

The man standing outside the door mocked himself after hearing the laughter inside the clinic. He withdrew his gaze and walked back to the black Mercedes.

“Ah Heng, thank you.” Xuxu smiled as she received the bun from Jiang Zhuoheng.

She thought her actions seemed natural, but to Jiang Zhuoheng, he could sense something else.

“Xuxu, it’s your birthday next week.”

Mustering his courage, he opened his mouth to speak. The expression in his eyes still flickered from a lack of confidence.

Xuxu paused her chewing and replied softly, “Ah Heng, I often questioned myself. What’s so good about him? He has a bad temper, and he’s in love with someone else. Do you ask yourself the same question? What’s so good about Wen Xuxu even though she’s still thinking about another person?”