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Jiang Zhuoheng sat beside the bed as he smiled helplessly at the old man.

Xuxu was about to step foot into the ward when Qi Lei came out of the bathroom with a basin of water.

He didn’t notice Xuxu had arrived as he walked towards the bed. He said casually, “Grandfather, Sister Xuxu just called saying that she couldn’t find us in the original ward.”

“What?! That lass is here?” The moment the old man heard that Wen Xuxu was around, he seemed like a mouse who had just spotted a cat. He hastily lay down properly on his back. “Hurry and put away the chess set, she will nag me non-stop if she sees it.”

After he instructed them, he closed his eyes. But he thought of something else and added, “If she comes, tell her I’m still resting and ask her not to bother me.”

Qi Lei put the basin on the cupboard beside the bed, and Jiang Zhuoheng scooped out a towel. He stole a glance at the old man who was pretending to be asleep. Smiling slyly, he asked, “Didn’t you keep nagging me, asking why she wasn’t here yet? Now that she’s on her way, you don’t dare to see her anymore?”

After he said his piece, his eyes darted towards the door and his sly smile widened.

“She nags too much,” the old man grumbled as he kept his eyes closed.

“Then I shall nag at you properly today.” Wen Xuxu put on a false pretense as she strode towards him sternly.

The old man’s eyelids twitched, but he refused to open his eyes.

Xuxu chuckled when she saw him. “Alright, don’t do it next time. The doctor says you need to rest well. You’re already so old, don’t you wish to recover soon and walk by yourself in the future?”

Then she glanced at Jiang Zhuoheng. “And you! His accomplice!”

“I…” Jiang Zhuoheng was about to explain when the ‘fast asleep’ old man suddenly coughed twice.

Young Master Jiang clammed up, and he was left with no choice but to admit that he was an accomplice.

Xuxu certainly knew that the old man had forced him to play chess.

She didn’t probe further and instead asked Qi Lei to join them for breakfast.

So after Jiang Zhuoheng had sent her home yesterday, he returned to the hospital to settle the transfer of wards. And he’d even stayed overnight to accompany Grandfather.

After Xuxu heard what Qi Lei said, she couldn’t help but sigh heavily in her heart.

After breakfast, the nurse came over to check on her grandfather and to change his drip.

After the nurse left, the old man waved his hands at Wen Xuxu and Jiang Zhuoheng. “Alright, time to leave and do what you’re supposed to do.”

He frowned at them as though he was frustrated by their presence.

Jiang Zhuoheng glanced at Qi Lei and couldn’t help worrying.

After some consideration, he said, “Grandfather, I’ll hire a caretaker for you.”

Old Wen heard him and snapped, “I’ll be happier if you can get me a companion!”

There was a long pause…

“Don’t mind him, you should go to work first.” Xuxu turned to face Jiang Zhuoheng. “I’ve applied for leave today, and later I’ll let Qi Lei head back to rest.”

She had barely ended her sentence when the old man interrupted. “Aren’t you quitting in a few days’ time? You shouldn’t be taking leave then. If not, Wang Daqin will chew me out for being troublesome and holding you up.”

There was a long pause…

Grandmother wasn’t that callous. In fact, he was the one fabricating her words.

The old man didn’t wait for Xuxu to reply and continued, “You’re so clumsy and so clueless about everything. If you were to take care of me, I might die sooner than expected. Go back to work and earn some money to support me instead.”

Only two people in the whole world would complain that she was clumsy. One was Yan Rusheng; the other was this old man.

Those who said that Wen Xuxu was clumsy had bad judgment alright?