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She knew that the old man was afraid that she would watch over him strictly, which was why he wanted to chase her away. She was determined not to let him have his way. “Grandfather, I’m staying here today no matter what you say.”

“If you send Qi Lei back, what do I do if I need to use the toilet?”

The old man questioned her in a huff.

“Hmm!” Xuxu was stumped for words. If Qi Lei wasn’t around, what would she do indeed?

Qi Lei interjected, “Sister Xuxu, you should go to work. I slept well last night since Brother Ah Heng stayed with Grandfather for the whole night. Later I’ll take a nap when Grandfather is asleep too.”

“Mmm… Alright then.” Xuxu pressed her lips. “I’ll pop by after work.”

The old man seemed to be fine and other than chatting with him, there was nothing much she could do for him.

But apparently, the old man didn’t want her to stay as well.

She instructed Qi Lei, “You must immediately update me with any news, alright?”

Before Xuxu closed the door behind them, she glanced at her grandfather with a worried look.

Jiang Zhuoheng said reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I’ve already reminded the staff. They will take special care of him.”

“Ah Heng, thank you,” Xuxu thanked him softly.

They both left together.

It was half-past ten when Xuxu reached the office. Several colleagues were huddled closely together and seemed to be discussing something.

“What are you all talking about?” She looked at the group of people with a smile as she walked towards her desk.

The crowd immediately gathered around her desk. “Sister Xuxu, we can start wearing pretty outfits to work in the future.”

After hearing this, she stopped and looked at them curiously. “What do you mean?”

A plump colleague replied gleefully, “We just received a notice saying that the company has abolished the rule of wearing standard work attire to the office. In the future, we just need to be presentable.”

Xuxu asked in surprise, “Really?”

According to her understanding, wearing the standard work attire had been a company rule for years. Why was it abolished all of a sudden?

“Look how happy you are. Seems like you’re happier about this than meeting your idol,” joked another colleague as she teased the plump lady.

“For skinny girls like you, it doesn’t really matter. But to plump girls like me, this is a huge blessing. You have no idea how uncomfortable it is to wear tight-fitting clothes to work every day.”

Xuxu didn’t really listen to the rest of the conversation. She lowered her head and stared at her outfit.

She couldn’t help thinking about what the lecherous guy had said in the elevator yesterday.

‘Aren’t you trying to seduce guys by wearing this outfit in the elevator?’

Did Yan Rusheng…

But even if she were the reason, it wouldn’t be just for her sake alone. He must have been thinking for the safety of all the female employees in the company.

Anyway, wasn’t she supposed to leave soon?

Wen Xuxu curled her lips as she mocked herself for reading too much into it.

Besides having lunch together, Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng didn’t interact much.

After work each night, Xuxu went to the hospital to have dinner with her grandfather. Jiang Zhuoheng would pick her up after work at around 8 p.m. to send her home.

They repeated the routine for the next few days; she would head to the hospital in the morning, then to work, and then back to the hospital in the evening. Then Jiang Zhuoheng would fetch her after leaving work and send her home.

Occasionally they would have dinner together.

Tonight, she was back home earlier as Yan Rusheng watched her draw the curtains by the window. Her silhouette changed from clear to blurry.