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Yan Rusheng had no idea why he had this insane urge to come here every night. Jiang Zhuoheng would send her back home, and he would only catch a glimpse of her alighting from the car.

But if he didn’t see this scene every day, he would feel frustrated.

He would be anxiously wondering if Jiang Zhuoheng had gone up with her, and what they were doing in her apartment and so on.

He lit a cigarette, and he forgot all about it until it burnt his fingers. He threw it away hastily.

He lifted his head once more, and the lights were switched off in that apartment on the seventh floor.

He pressed the ignition button, and the black Mercedes gradually disappeared into the darkness.

Wen Xuxu could sense that Young Master Yan was feeling troubled these past two days. He didn’t even bother finding trouble with her.

And he seemed to be avoiding her on purpose. She wondered if she was imagining things.

He’d also ordered his assistant to brew coffee for him these past few days instead of her.

It was almost noon. Xuxu propped a hand against her cheek as she stared puzzledly at the closed door to the President’s office.


Hearing a familiar voice in front of her, she quickly reeled in her thoughts. She stared in astonishment. “Young Master Ming.”

Ming Ansheng wore a black shirt, and he seemed more mature and collected as compared to his usual self when he was partying and having fun.

“I came here to settle some stuff. Since it’s almost lunch time, I wanted to look for you and Third Yan.” He smiled as he walked towards her.

Since he was Wen Xinyi’s cousin, Xuxu had a hunch that Wen Xinyi would be going too.

“Since you’re here to look for President Yan, I won’t be joining you guys today.”

Having lunch with friends should be pleasant. But she didn’t particularly feel like watching Miss Wen as she put on her fragile facade.

“It’s rare for me to pop by and you still want to reject my lunch invitation.” Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. “Why? Are you afraid that I’ll ask you to foot the bill?”

Xuxu denied it, quipping in a half-joking, half-serious manner, “That’s not true. It would be my honor to treat Young Master Ming.”

Ming Ansheng shrugged. “Tsk. Don’t be so pretentious. I know you’d never agree so easily.”

Although she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she possessed the nobility and dignity of a daughter from a wealthy family.

And she seemed to be unfathomable and distant at times.

She was the shrewdest, most courteous woman he had ever met, and she always had a superficial smile that was difficult to read.

Xuxu smiled. “Young Master Ming, you think too highly of me.”

“How’s your progress with Ah Heng?” Young Master Ming suddenly became nosy.

The change in topic was really…

Xuxu was dumbfounded for a moment before she recollected herself with a smile. “It’s still the same between the two of us.”

Ever since Ah Heng came back, everyone was concerned with one question—will she get back together with Ah Heng?

She didn’t want to explain to anyone about Ah Heng and her.

And there was no need to explain to anyone about their relationship.

Ming Ansheng pressed on, “I heard that he’s choosing a ring.”

Xuxu was slightly startled by his words, but her smile didn’t falter. “Young Master Ming, the minute you started gossiping, your demeanor and airs of a young master just vanished.”

Ming Ansheng leaned carelessly against Xuxu’s desk with his hands stuffed in his pants. He looked more like a delinquent.

“Why should I pretend to be classy and refined? I’m not Third Yan.”

His tone sounded utterly disdainful.

Xuxu was unable to restrain a smile.

She thought in her heart, ‘Young Master Ming is really brilliant and brutally honest.’

“Ming Ansheng, is your company going to collapse soon?”

Suddenly a cold voice was heard from the President’s office.