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Xuxu’s heart shuddered with fear.

Fortunately, she didn’t agree with Young Master Ming’s last sentence.

Ming Ansheng’s face turned pale when he heard his voice but quickly recovered himself. He spoke lightheartedly, “Didn’t I say I was here to ask for a meal? Why are you cursing my firm?”

Yan Rusheng looked at him coldly, “Since you’re so free, I thought your company must have collapsed.”

He turned around and went back into his office.

“I’m here to have lunch with you!” Ming Ansheng trailed after him and yelled. He turned towards Xuxu. “Miss Wen, the great beauty, do me a favor and join us later.”

Xuxu smiled and agreed to his invitation.

She would look snobbish if she rejected him again.

Today, she wore a pair of sapphire blue tight-fitting pants which lengthened her already-long legs. She paired it with a white chiffon shirt. Her outfit was both adorable and work-appropriate.

She walked beside Yan Rusheng and listened to him chatting with Ming Ansheng.

As usual, Yan Rusheng wore a white shirt with black pants, befitting his demeanor and sense of class as the President.

Xuxu was starting to wonder if Wen Xinyi would be absent from this lunch when she saw her waving at them in the restaurant.

“Brother Sheng, this way,” Wen Xinyi beckoned with a slender hand, and she wore a cheerful smile on her face.

The instant she saw Wen Xuxu, her mouth twitched noticeably with jealousy.

Xuxu noticed the change in her expression as she followed after Yan Rusheng.

The classy western restaurant still had plenty of empty tables before noon.

The trio sauntered towards Wen Xinyi and their table. Without hesitation, Ming Ansheng sat down promptly next to Wen Xinyi.

Their table was by the windows and Xuxu saw that Yan Rusheng didn’t intend to sit inside. And so she took the liberty of taking that seat.

The moment she sat down, she smiled at Wen Xinyi who was sitting opposite of her.

Wen Xinyi’s eyes clouded with jealousy for a moment, but she still managed a small smile.

She wore an emerald-green, puffy-sleeved shirt, and her long, straight black hair fell past her shoulders. Her bangs touched the tips of her eyebrows, and she looked bashful and demure as she faintly smiled.

Xuxu had no idea how Wen Xinyi managed to act with such confidence.

Wasn’t she a little afraid that she would relay what she’d said to Yan Rusheng?

Or did Wen Xinyi think that Yan Rusheng wouldn’t believe her words?

Or perhaps… she knew that she wouldn’t mention anything?

“Xinyi, what did you order?” Ming Ansheng asked Wen Xinyi.

“I’m not sure what you liked, so I haven’t done it yet,” Wen Xinyi murmured softly, and she passed the menu to Yan Rusheng. “President Yan, please order.”

When she looked at Yan Rusheng, her delicate face instantly flushed crimson.

Yan Rusheng peered at the menu, and without a word, he pushed it towards Wen Xuxu.

He’s pushing me towards the depths of fiery suffering!

Xuxu lamented deeply in her heart as she flipped the menu. She glanced at it for a minute before she told the waiter. “Two sets of medium-well classic steaks. For the desserts, we’ll have them without cream or jam.”

She passed the menu to Ming Ansheng after ordering.

“Without a doubt, Xuxu is still the one who understands you the most.” Ming Ansheng received the menu as he casually directed the words at Yan Rusheng.

But these seemingly casual words had caused tidal waves to surge in the hearts of the rest.

Yes, he had admitted long ago that Xuxu was the person who understood him the most in this world.

But her understanding of him excluded his inner feelings and sentiments towards her.

If she knew, how would she react?