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She would definitely ridicule him by saying, “Yan Rusheng, you’ve fallen for me despite always mocking me for being stupid, clumsy, and silly.”

She would probably add on “Aren’t you supposed to be devoted to Fang Jiayin?” or“It’s only been three years, and your love has wavered already?”

So why did it have to be Wen Xuxu? Lately, he’d been asking himself that repeatedly. If he really wanted to have a change of heart, he could have chosen any of the numerous women he’d had flings with. But why must it be her?

Anybody else but Wen Xuxu. Then he wouldn’t feel so conflicted and reducing himself to such a pathetic state.

Yan Rusheng lowered his head, and his thick eyelashes blocked the wild and raging emotions in his eyes. He needed to restrain himself.

Wen Xinyi held a fork as she gritted her teeth with fury. She glared vehemently at Xuxu with jealousy and envy.

Jealousy exploded inside of her the moment she saw Xuxu sitting next to Yan Rusheng.

She had to get this woman away from Yan Rusheng. She should be the one with the most compatibility with him.

In the future, the person who understood him the most would be her as well.

Miss Wen vowed to herself in her heart but she was unaware that her desires and thoughts were reflected on her face, Her delicate face was enveloped by jealousy, and it made her look chilling and hateful.

Xuxu witnessed everything, and she remained unperturbed as she replied to Ming Ansheng. “Doesn’t your secretary know what you like to eat? If she doesn’t, then you should fire her for being incompetent.”

She’d put on a false pretense, but to Yan Rusheng she seemed perfectly composed.

It was merely because she was his secretary, that’s why she understood him so well. Everything about him from his habits, temper, and preferences.

He meant nothing to her in her heart.

Yan Rusheng’s expression fell once again.

Fortunately, there was Ming Ansheng who managed to liven the atmosphere with his wit and humor.

“Xinyi, Xuxu is a girl with rare talent. I can’t compare to her sometimes.” Ming Ansheng glanced at Xinyi with a smile. “If you want to stick around Yan Rusheng, you’ll have much to learn from Xuxu.”

He had spoken earnestly.

Wen Xinyi heard his advice and her expression changed subtly.

She smiled and nodded. “Brother Sheng, you’re right. Grandmother Yan did say I have a lot to learn from Sister Xuxu. I was planning to treat her so that I can win her over.”

After she spoke, she looked at Wen Xuxu with a bright and seemingly innocent smile.

Xuxu replied calmly, “Miss Wen studied abroad, and she’s quite knowledgeable. It’s too modest of her to say that she wants to ask me for advice.”

“Sister Xinyi, what I’ve said is true.” Wen Xinyi pouted with her rosy cheeks. She had successfully maintained her pretense of a well-behaved and sensible little girl.

Her behavior today was a far cry from how she’d threatened and warned her the other day.

Xuxu sniggered in her heart. If possible, she didn’t really want to label this delicate and pretty girl as a white lotus who seemed pure on the surface but was twisted and dark on the inside.

She pressed her lips tightly and kept quiet. She wore a fleeting and faint smile which seemed to keep others away.

Wen Xinyi was unhappy when she saw her smile, and a glint of hatred flashed in her eyes.

She turned to Ming Ansheng and pouted with woeful-looking eyes. “Brother Sheng, it seems like Sister Xuxu is rather unwilling to take me in as her disciple.”

Without waiting for Ming Ansheng to respond, she smoothly switched the topic. “But I can understand why. Sister Xuxu and Brother Heng are currently dating. Couples who are in love are usually busy.”

She then acted as though she’d suddenly recalled something. “Oh! I overheard you talking to grandfather yesterday that Brother Heng was choosing an engagement ring?”

Hearing her words, Yan Rusheng paused from cutting his steak.

He slowly lifted his head to look at Xuxu.

Xuxu turned towards him at the same time.

Eyes meeting, they gazed at each other as their deep, complicated feelings began overflowing from inside. The two of them had always concealed their real emotions from each other.