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They gazed at each other for what seemed like half a century.

“Wen Xuxu, it seems like your long wait has finally paid off.” Yan Rusheng broke the silence first as he curled his lips without any emotion.

It was hard to tell if he was mocking or teasing her.

Regardless of the reason, her heart still sank with a heavy thud.

Xuxu frowned as she slowly looked down. Her fingers had turned cold because… they were connected to her heart.

She quietly took a deep breath to readjust herself. She smiled and replied, “Miss Wen, it looks like you’re very interested in me.”

It’s not that she didn’t know how to pretend or act, she just couldn’t be bothered. But if someone wanted to challenge her, she definitely wouldn’t disappoint that person.

She saw Xuxu with that innocent smile on her face, and Wen Xinyi’s expression changed immediately. She stole a glance at Yan Rusheng guiltily.

Yan Rusheng was concentrating on cutting his steak with his cutlery. He was the epitome of grace and elegance as his hands, with its clearly-defined knuckles, cut the steak.

He was used to cutting the steak first before eating it.

He had developed this habit because of Wen Xuxu. When she was young, she liked to peel off the skin of the melon seeds before she enjoyed them.

She still had this habit now.

Someone once said that a man is his most charming and attractive when he’s focused on doing something. It was precisely what Yan Rusheng was doing right now.

It rekindled her jealousy, making Wen Xinyi even more desirous to possess him,.

“I merely heard Brother Sheng and Grandfather talking about it.” She looked at Wen Xuxu with a child-like and bashful smile.

She paused before continuing, “When you get married to Brother Heng, I’m willing to be your bridesmaid.”

Xuxu answered with a smile. “If that day really comes and Miss Wen is willing, it would be my pleasure.”

The gentle tone in her soft voice was like a feather teasing and tickling Yan Rusheng’s heart. He was about to explode.

He wanted to yell, “Wen Xuxu, I dare you to try and marry Jiang Zhuoheng. You’re mine!”

But he knew he could never say these words in this lifetime.

He could only wish that his feelings for her were an illusion. And he prayed that they would vanish soon.

Of course, this lunch wasn’t pleasant.

They left the restaurant, and Xuxu walked ahead first. Ming Ansheng and Yan Rusheng were discussing the stock market with Wen Xinyi listening intently to their conversation. Occasionally, she would interject and agree with what Yan Rusheng had said.

Yan Rusheng had only briefly expressed his opinion, and Wen Xinyi had bashfully become smitten with him for a moment.

Ming Ansheng smiled and said teasingly, “Xinyi, everything that Yan Rusheng says is correct, am I right?”

“Brother Sheng, you’re so annoying.” Wen Xinyi lowered her head shyly, and she turned red.

Her thoughts were too obvious, and Yan Rusheng was beginning to feel annoyed with her. He hastened his footsteps and walked ahead.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, and he seemed distant.

Ming Ansheng stared at his back, and his eyebrows were knitted with worry.

“Brother Sheng, what are you looking at?” Wen Xinyi saw that he was gazing at Yan Rusheng in a daze and she waved her hands in his face.

Ming Ansheng withdrew his gaze and told her seriously. “Don’t try to use any connections around Yan Rusheng. You have to learn from Wen Xuxu. And never resort to dirty tricks, especially around Yan Rusheng.”

He knew quite well that Yan Rusheng would never accept Xinyi. But Grandfather and Xinyi were still adamant.