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All he could do to help was to remind her of what she could or couldn’t do. As the saying goes, persisting in evil brings about self-destruction.

When Xinyi had purposefully mentioned Ah Heng earlier in the restaurant, she thought that nobody would see through her intentions.

Yan Rusheng had wanted to use Wen Xuxu as a way to make her back off. But she was still fervently mentioning Ah Heng in front of him. She was way too ambitious, and everyone present was aware of her tricks.

Wen Xinyi heard Ming Ansheng’s warning, and she stole a glance at Wen Xuxu. Her expression was filled with disdain.

What was so good about her? She was using her relationship with Grandmother Yan, taking advantage of her affection in order to stay by Yan Rusheng’s side. If that wasn’t the case, how could she have entered the President’s office immediately after her graduation?

She wasn’t even qualified to enter through the doors of Flourish & Prosper.

“Xinyi, Yan Rusheng is not the guy for you,” Ming Ansheng sternly announced.

He could tell that Wen Xinyi was getting more ambitious since her jealousy was evident on her face. If this continued, she might resort to using dirty tricks.

He was being tactful and had already sugar-coated his words. If it were anybody else, he would have simply said that she couldn’t manage or handle someone like Yan Rusheng.

They didn’t even think that Fang Jiayin could do it, even though she was such an impressive girl.

Wen Xinyi was incensed by his bluntness. “Brother Sheng, we’ll only know if we’re compatible after getting together. I have confidence in myself.”

She had received an excellent education and upbringing. Her family background and looks were equally outstanding, and therefore she should be compatible with an outstanding man like Yan Rusheng.

“Xinyi, if you stubbornly cling to your own ideas, I can only remind you of one thing. Most importantly, never provoke Wen Xuxu.” Ming Ansheng gave this warning which Wen Xinyi wasn’t able to accept or comprehend fully. He hastened his footsteps after Yan Rusheng.

“Hmph,” she snorted, and crossly stamped her foot as she watched Ming Ansheng leave.

In what way was she inferior to Wen Xuxu? Why was Brother Sheng on her side as well?

‘The bride and groom may now exchange the wedding rings.’

‘The groom may kiss the bride.’

‘I’m not kissing her, she’s so fierce.’

‘Third Yan, you have to stick to the rules of the game. You’re the groom, and Xuxu is the bride.’

‘Alright, since it’s just a kiss.’

The handsome man who looked as beautiful as a painting sat on a deck chair at the balcony. His toes touched the ground occasionally as he rocked back and forth.

He had a flashback of two young children playing house. The girl and boy were wearing garlands made of wildflowers and branches on their heads. A group of friends witnessed their union as they put a toy ring on each other’s finger.

He couldn’t bear to return to reality and wake up from those precious and carefree memories.

Wen Xuxu, you’re mine. Don’t you dare try to seduce other guys…

He opened his eyes violently and abruptly. That sentence echoing in his mind… he seemed to have said it before.

Knock knock knock.

Someone knocked on his door and interrupted his thoughts.

“Enter,” he said carelessly and recollected his emotional state and mood.

Wang Daqin strolled in. “Third Yan, it’s Xuxu’s birthday next Wednesday. She’s turning 25, so I want to plan something elaborate and grand.

25th birthday… Wen Xuxu’s turning 25.

Time really flew past. As he mulled it over, Yan Rusheng suddenly felt despondent.

He snapped to and replied casually, “It’s up to you to decide.”

Wang Daqin bent down to peer at him. “I’m here to seek your opinion. Should we hold the celebration at home or at a hotel?”

The old lady was both excited and thrilled.

At the thought of Wen Xuxu turning 25 years old, Yan Rusheng became annoyed for no reason. “Why don’t you ask her directly?”