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He was neither Jiang Zhuoheng nor her boyfriend. Why should he concern himself with her birthday?

His frustration could be heard from the tone of his voice.

Wang Daqin knitted her eyebrows. “I just want to give her a pleasant surprise.”

Why are you so irritated about this?

Yan Rusheng ran out of patience. “As you wish. She’s so dumb, and she has a poor sense of taste. Even if you held the party in a bathroom, she would still be over the moon.”

Wang Daqin pulled a long face and was speechless. “In the future, you’ll be spending your birthdays in a bathroom.”

“On my 25th birthday, I seem to recall celebrating it with just a random cake.” Young Master Yan was clearly annoyed, and he was acting up deliberately.

He was only a few months older than Xuxu. Yet, this old lady didn’t even fuss over his 25th birthday.

That dumb woman must have resorted to using tricks to win over other people’s hearts.

First his flesh and blood mother, then Grandmother, and now… him.

“You rascal! Why should a man like you be so particular about your own birthday?” Wang Daqin continued, “Don’t you know that when girls turn 25 years old, there’s an extraordinary significance to it?”

This question piqued Yan Rusheng’s curiosity. He raised his head and looked at the elderly lady. “What extraordinary significance?”

“When girls turn 25 years old, they reach another milestone of their lives—they’re of marriageable age,” the elderly lady spoke earnestly and gave a deep sigh, “In the blink of an eye, Xuxu is already 25 years old, and Wen Daozheng has also advanced in years.”

These words made him feel as if he was younger than her.

At the age of 25, they had reached another milestone in their lives—they were of marriageable age…

Marriageable age. In other words, yearning to get married?

So, they were getting married.

Yan Rusheng quickly closed his eyes and sank into deep thought. Both his feet tapped the floor every now and then, causing the rocking chair to sway gently to and fro.

Both his hands were relaxed on the armrest, the index fingers tapping on it casually.

The elderly lady saw him with lips pursed and kept quiet. She decided not to stay any longer. “I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I’d rather consult Ah Heng for his opinions instead.”

Since the day Xuxu chatted with her, the elderly lady finally accepted the situation.

Now that the children had all grown up, it would be best to let nature take its course where matters of the heart were concerned.

She just hoped that while she’s still alive and well, she would be able to see the children settle down and get married. This was especially so for Xuxu, so that she could find someone whom she could rely on.

“Let’s hold it at the hotel. It’s no longer a novelty to hold it at home.”

The elderly lady had yet to reach the door when she heard Yan Rusheng’s voice from behind her.

This sounded like a casual suggestion without any serious thought given to it at all.

Wang Daqin stopped in her tracks and deliberated. “I’d better consult Ah Heng. Since it’s Xuxu’s birthday, he would surely have made some plans. So it’s better to run it by him first instead of proceeding with our plans and putting Xuxu on the spot.”

After finishing her sentence, she opened the door and walked out of the room.

As the room door closed again, Young Master Yan couldn’t help but feel vexed.

Since she wasn’t going to take his suggestion, why bother asking him? Since she planned to consult Jiang Zhuoheng, why didn’t she approach him in the first place?

A new secretary had yet to be found. Wen Xuxu had no choice but to continue as the president’s secretary.

There was a senior management meeting on Thursday evening, just before the end of working hours.

Just like in the past, Yan Rusheng would always be the last person to arrive after all the department representatives were present.

As usual, he was dressed in a white shirt with matching trousers and walked dashingly into the conference room.

Wen Xuxu followed him from behind, clutching his laptop in her hands.

As she stepped inside, she came upon a familiar… no, it was an extremely familiar face. Wen Xinyi.