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By right, as a department’s assistant manager, she was not fit to attend this meeting.

But no one, including Xuxu, was surprised when she showed up today.

Who didn’t know that she’d used family connections to get into Flourish & Prosper? Who didn’t know that she was the granddaughter of Bright Vision’s chairman? News of the linked marriage between the Yan and Ming family had spread like wildfire.

She would be the future mistress of Flourish & Prosper. Thus, her presence in the company’s senior management meeting shouldn’t be baffling.

After Yan Rusheng was seated, Wen Xuxu took her seat beside him.

She switched on her laptop. The meeting had commenced.

The meeting began with a discussion about the fundamentals and concluded with updates about the company’s new product launch symposium.

“How is the preparation from the PR department coming along?” Yan Rusheng looked at Wen Xinyi and asked.

Wen Xinyi answered quickly, “I’ve already uploaded the proposal onto the shared drive.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Xuxu immediately retrieved Wen Xinyi’s proposal from the company’s shared drive and positioned the laptop in front of Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng ran a quick scan but didn’t miss out on the important details.

After reading it, he glanced at everyone in the room with his malicious-looking eyes. He pursed his lips and didn’t utter a word. No one could guess what he was thinking.

As the person in charge of the PR department, Wen Xinyi deliberated for a moment, smiled and said, “The product we’re promoting this time is targeting people between 10 – 30 years old. Youthfulness is the theme for this conference, and the current hottest and most popular celebrities will be invited as special guests.”

She paused and examined Yan Rusheng’s expression.

He was looking in her direction with his lips pressed together. He didn’t raise any objections or suggestions. Her confidence soared, and she continued speaking.

The PR department spent more than a month drafting this proposal, and she’d worked overtime to make revisions. With her clear and proficient explanation, the rest of the leaders nodded with approval and praise.

After she finished talking, she stood up and nodded humbly at everyone. “This is the detailed proposal from our PR department regarding the new product launch symposium. I hope to receive better suggestions from all of you.”

With a modest and courteous attitude, she had gotten a stamp of approval from the company’s senior leaders.

“Assistant Manager Wen’s proposal is perfectly done with meticulous care.”

“Yes, I feel that it’s quite excellent.”

At that moment, everyone started to see her in a different light.

Before this, there were rumors from the President’s office that she was incompetent, that she was fond of throwing tantrums and shedding tears.

After all, she got into Flourish & Prosper with her family connections and was eyeing to be the mistress of Flourish & Prosper. Thus, no one was astounded.

But now, rumors about her didn’t seem true. She wasn’t an incompetent flower vase. She did have some capabilities.

Unknown to everyone, Wen Xinyi’s disdainful attitude towards Wen Xuxu was intended to catch the eyes of Yan Rusheng. She had put in so much effort to gain his approval.

While everyone was commending her, she looked at Yan Rusheng with eyes of anticipation.

Yan Rusheng moved his lips slightly, getting ready to speak.

Through the corner of his eyes, he glanced at Xuxu in astonishment and turned his head.

Wen Xuxu was leaning against her chair with her head lowered, her thick and long curly eyelashes remaining still.

Yes indeed. Secretary Wen, who had always maintained a conscientious work attitude, had dozed off.

Her grandfather had been staying at her apartment after his discharge. These days, she was working from morning till night. Coupled with overtime and tending to her grandfather, she only had five to six hours of sleep a day.