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Looking at this familiar woman from his phone’s camera, Yan Rusheng couldn’t help but stare blankly.

So much so that he sincerely thought, ‘How wonderful it would be if time could stand still right now!’

He took more than ten shots of her sleeping and then scrolled through all of them. Each picture warmed his heart and delighted his eyes.

Even though she slept sitting down, she looked satisfied with her sleep. Xuxu gave a lazy yawn and slowly opened her eyes.

She almost wanted to raise her hands and stretch herself when she suddenly remembered that she was in the middle of a meeting. Her eyes opened wide.

Staring at the empty conference room, she almost fell off her chair.

“I… I, I fell asleep?” She stared blankly, speaking to herself. “Where is everyone? Where are they?”

She looked beside her—even Yan Rusheng’s seat was empty.

Oh no!

Wen Xuxu, you idiotic fool! How could you fall asleep in the middle of a meeting?

She tapped her head and reproached herself; she almost felt like dying.

There were so many people around. With all the sounds going on during the meeting, how could she have slept through it?

Tch, Wen Xuxu, you’re a pig!

It couldn’t be…

Why didn’t Yan Rusheng wake her up? If she had dozed off during the meeting, then with his temperament, he would have struck her head with a file or something hard.

She had initially woken up in a daze. But now, the more she thought about it, the more bewildered she became.

She shook her head and decided not to ponder over it. Perhaps she should give that guy a call and sound him out.

She felt that just a call would make him yell.

Xuxu thought it over. She took out her cellphone and made a call to Yan Rusheng as she stood up.

Looking at the time on her phone, she was shocked again. It was already past 7 p.m. The meeting had started around 4 p.m., and she only remembered a small segment of it. This meant that she’d been asleep for at least two hours.

It suddenly occurred to her to look out of the window. The sky was already dark.

Oh, damn it!

The lights on this floor were still switched on. The call got through, and she placed her phone by her ear while walking in the direction of the President’s office.

She was mentally prepared for Yan Rusheng to yell at her.

Her phone rang twice, and someone answered the call from the other end. Yan Rusheng replied with an exhausted tone, “Are you awake?”

Perhaps it was because of his fatigue, but his voice sounded hoarse yet exuded a tinge of gentleness.

Xuxu opened her mouth in amazement and thought, ‘Did he take the wrong medicine?’

“That… I… I’m sorry, President Yan,” she stammered apologetically. “I fell asleep in the middle of the meeting.”

The voice at the other end of the line was faint and inaudible.

She lowered her head and raised her hand to scratch it. She felt vexed. This time, she deserved to be scolded.

“Wait for me in my office. I’ll come out shortly.” Once again, Yan Rusheng’s voice could be heard coming from the other end of the line.

His tone was still gentle and calm.

Xuxu suspected that she’d misheard him. She looked at the screen of her phone with uncertainty. It was indeed an actual call made to Yan Rusheng.

But why didn’t he flare up and criticize her?

She was still feeling puzzled when Yan Rusheng ended the call.

She walked towards the President’s office. She felt uneasy because Yan Rusheng hadn’t yelled at her and she was utterly confused.

As she walked, she tried guessing the reason why Yan Rusheng was so calm.

Suddenly, it turned pitch-black before her eyes.

“Ah…” She shrieked in fear. Within seconds, she broke out into a cold sweat.

She had just reached the side of the elevator. There were no windows, and her surroundings were pitch-black. She couldn’t even see her fingers in front of her. She was so frightened her legs turned soft.

This moment brought to mind the horror scenes she had watched before, the ones that took place in an office setting.