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Yan Rusheng watched her as she disappeared from his sight. He continued to mumble in his heart.

Like how my feelings for you were unnoticeable from the start. I didn’t recognize the clues, and by the time I realized it, I’d sunk so deep I was beyond saving.

His whole body leaned back as he tilted his head up and closed his eyes.

‘You might be willing to wait for Fang Jiayin, but I… I won’t wait with you anymore.’

She had waited for Jiang Zhuoheng to return and had reached the age when a girl wants to settle down. Everything was falling into place…

“Secretary Wen, are the lights working upstairs?”

Wen Xuxu exited the elevator and bumped into the security guard on duty.

She bent her head and replied, “Yes.”

But the guard noticed that she had cried and smiled. “So Secretary Wen is afraid of the darkn. No wonder! The moment President Yan realized that there was a power failure, he sprinted up the stairs in complete darkness.”

The guard thought that she was afraid of the dark and had cried as a result.

After taking in his words, Xuxu lifted her head in surprise.

Didn’t Yan Rusheng switch off all the lights to scare her?

She was dumbfounded as the guard continued, “Secretary Wen, President Yan was so anxious just now that he dropped his takeaway food. I picked it up, but it’s probably ruined.”

It turned out that he went to buy dinner…

It seemed that she’d wronged him.

But even then, what difference did it make? It didn’t change the fact that he was being selfish and overbearing, did it?

He’d said, “Wen Xuxu, I’m still single so how can you marry someone else?”

So was she obliged to stick with him as long as he stayed single?

“Secretary Wen?” The guard saw that Wen Xuxu seemed distracted and he waved a hand in front of her face to get her attention. “The food is smashed, should I still send it up to President Yan?”

Xuxu came out of her stupor and shook her head. “I don’t think he’ll eat it.”

She raised her feet and walked towards the entrance. As she passed by the reception desk, she caught the smell of spicy pickled fish.

She stole a glance at the container on the reception desk and smirked.

Yan Rusheng, I’ll never fall for your tricks ever again!

The next day, Wen Xuxu came to work as usual, but she arrived an hour later.

She could feel the strangely quiet atmosphere the minute she stepped foot into the President’s office.

Everyone sat at their respective workstations with their heads lowered. Even the sound of their typing seemed hushed.

Something was amiss, and she instinctively glanced at Yan Rusheng’s office. The frosted glass door was shut.

She assumed that the man inside the office was in a bad mood today and someone had already become cannon fodder.

She pressed her lips tightly at the thought and continued to make her way to her desk.

Suddenly the doors to Yan Rusheng’s office opened, and Wen Xinyi came out. Anyone would feel sorry for her after seeing her sobbing so pitifully.

Of course… Xuxu didn’t feel that way at all.

She was merely astonished and stopped in her tracks to observe her.

Wen Xinyi spotted Wen Xuxu and stopped as well. She walked towards her and stared at her with immense hatred. “Wen Xuxu, I’ll make you pay for this.”

Xuxu was perplexed when she heard her. Why was it her fault when Wen Xinyi had come out crying from Yan Rusheng’s office?

Wen Xinyi disappeared after throwing those words.

Xuxu frowned dubiously as she turned to watch her walking into the elevator.

She only found out about Wen Xinyi being fired that afternoon. And it was specifically ordered by Yan Rusheng.

She had no idea what Wen Xinyi had done to anger Yan Rusheng to make him disregard all ties and fire her in such a high-profile manner.