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As Xuxu had predicted, Ming Zhongsheng and Wang Daqin stormed into the office in the afternoon.

Miss Wen was fired in the morning, and the two elders had promptly arrived in the afternoon. Everyone was waiting for the show to begin.

Ming Zhongsheng had an intense murderous look on his face as he looked towards Wen Xuxu.

Wang Daqin attempted to shield her and reminded him, “Old Ming, don’t drag other people into this. Go to Third Yan directly.”

Who could the other person be except for Wen Xuxu?

“Hmph!” Ming Zhongsheng grunted loudly. And he charged towards Yan Rusheng’s office.

Before he entered, he couldn’t help but turn to glare fiercely at Wen Xuxu.

Xuxu turned a blind eye to this and remained unperturbed.

She was puzzled though. Yan Rusheng was the one who bullied the grandfather and granddaughter, so why were they venting their anger out on her?

“Let’s hurry and go inside.” Wang Daqin feared that Ming Zhongsheng would be unable to contain his anger and lash out at Xuxu. She opened Yan Rusheng’s office door and shoved him inside.

She didn’t stop him from coming to the company and had offered to accompany him. She wanted to settle the issue today since she was the one who allowed Wen Xinyi to enter Flourish & Prosper in the first place.

But she didn’t know that it would end up this way; the news of Third Yan publicly firing Wen Xinyi had surprised her greatly.

Based on her understanding of her grandson, no matter how much he disliked Wen Xinyi or how much he wanted to drive her away, he would have never given the order to fire her in his name.

Even if the Ming and Yan family weren’t friends for generations, he would have taken into consideration his friendship with Ming Ansheng.

He was intentionally shaming Wen Xinyi; Wang Daqin had a hunch that she must have crossed the line.

“Third Yan, what do you mean by this?!”

Ming Zhongsheng bellowed at him the moment he set foot in his office.

Yan Rusheng lifted his head from the pile of documents in front of him and looked at Ming Zhongsheng. His expression was frigid, and from his attitude, it was clear that he didn’t welcome him at all.

“You…” Ming Zhongsheng couldn’t catch his breath and almost passed out when he saw his reaction. He clutched at his chest as he breathed heavily. His expression looked terrible.

Wang Daqin went to support him. “Old Ming, take note of your blood pressure and don’t forget that your heart is weak too. If anything happens to you here, my Third Yan will be in trouble.”

Ming Zhongsheng shot her a vicious glare. “Wang Daqin. I’m not here to joke around with you today.”

He shoved Wang Daqin with force and almost caused her to stumble.

Feeling alarmed, Yan Rusheng slammed his desk. He shouted, “This is Flourish & Prosper! Chairman Ming, please conduct yourself with dignity!”

Wang Daqin and Ming Zhongsheng were stunned and flabbergasted.

Both pairs of eyes were staring at Yan Rusheng; his handsome face looked displeased, and there was a furious glint in his eyes.

“You’re being too condescending and disrespectful. No matter how established Flourish & Prosper is, you can’t possibly dominate and dictate everything.”

A young man was shaming him and treating him with disrespect, and it infuriated Ming Zhongsheng. He lashed out at Yan Rusheng and declared, “From now on, Bright Vision will sever all business dealings with Flourish & Prosper. I shall see how capable you are then.”

He flicked his sleeves and left in a huff.

Ming Zhongsheng was getting old but not stupid. He knew there would be a falling out with Yan Rusheng and if the argument had dragged on, his pride would be completely crushed.

“Old Ming.” Wang Daqin watched as Ming Zhongsheng walked away furiously and she was at a loss on what she should do. She wanted to chase after him, but she was more interested to know why Yan Rusheng had suddenly fired Wen Xinyi.

If she knew the reason, it would be easier to resolve the problem.