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Wang Daqin followed Ming Zhongsheng out the door and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw him leaving the office.

She was worried that he might find trouble with Xuxu.

“Third Yan, can you explain why you fired Wen Xinyi?” After making sure that Ming Zhongsheng was gone, she closed the door and walked towards Yan Rusheng.

She had a hunch that Xuxu was the reason, which was probably why Ming Zhongsheng had such a deep hatred towards her.

“In future, stop meddling with the company affairs and don’t arrange a random person to assist me.” Yan Rusheng’s anger had yet to dissipate entirely. He pulled out his drawer and took out a cigarette case, then gloomily lit a cigarette.

The wispy white smoke from the cigarette shrouded his face, and it made him look even more somber and moody.

He seemed to be very troubled.

Wang Daqin approached him, pulling up a chair to sit across from him. With a serious look, she asked him, “Is it because of Xuxu?”

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows tightly and replied with impatience, “It’s not about her.”

Every time her name was mentioned, it felt like his heart was being squeezed.

His eyes darted around trying to avoid her gaze, and Wang Daqin noticed it.

Seeing that, the old lady had the answer in her heart. A cryptic smile flashed through her cloudy but shrewd-looking eyes.

Due to his guilt, Yan Rusheng felt a little suspicious of her expression. “What are you laughing at?”

“Xiaosheng, tell me honestly. Have you fallen in love with Xuxu?” Wang Daqin went straight to the point.

The cigarette in Young Master Yan’s hand quivered a little, and the ashes scattered to the floor.

The other hand gripped the arm of the chair, and he fidgeted uneasily to try to mask his guilty conscience.

Then he smirked with contempt. “Do you seriously think that I have such bad taste?”

Was he being too obvious?

Young Master Yan was very guilty and nervous right now.

Wang Daqin’s gaze didn’t leave his face, and she analyzed every word, action and any subtle changes in facial expression.

She was grinning gleefully in her heart. To her surprise, it didn’t take much to sound him out.

To think that she had brainstormed for so long trying various methods and had even thought of drugging them both.

Just a simple question ‘Have you fallen in love with Xuxu?’ had done the trick and made him reveal everything.

“Huang Bao said it didn’t eat the spicy pickled fish,” the old lady spoke solemnly as she tried to stifle her laughter.

There was a long pause…

That damned woman had to report something so trivial to this old lady about sending her a fish!

Young Master Yan was completely embarrassed, and he silently swore at Wen Xuxu.

Wang Daqin grinned. “The photo of that woman is no longer at the head of your bed. Doesn’t this prove that you’ve forgotten all about her and that you’re ready to pursue a new relationship?”

Yan Rusheng was startled when he heard her. He recalled looking at Fang Jiayin’s photo a few days ago, and after receiving a call, he couldn’t remember anything else after that.

That photo had been placed at the head of his bed for nearly four years. When it vanished out of the blue, to his surprise, he didn’t feel anything.

Yan Rusheng was stumped for words, and a flush crept up his handsome face.

Look at him! My Third Yan’s blushing from embarrassment! This is the first time I’ve seen him act this way.

Wang Daqin saw her handsome grandson’s crimson-red face and her eyes were filled with affection. But at the same time, she was resentful towards him for failing to meet her expectations. “You wretched boy, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about even if you like her. Furthermore, Xuxu is such an outstanding girl.”

No wonder she’d felt that he was treating Xuxu differently these days.

He had kissed her and went to her place just to send her dinner. And when he heard that Old Wen was hospitalized, he’d looked so anxious that he sent Xuxu to visit him immediately.