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This… was something worth celebrating!

The old lady felt as if spring had arrived and flowers were blooming everywhere. Her enthusiasm and passion had been revived.

Young Master Yan blushed even harder and continued lying through his teeth. “I’m not in love with her. Stop worrying about such silly things at this age.”

This old lady was way too annoying.

“Alright then, I won’t force you. It’s Xuxu’s birthday next week, and Ah Heng is planning a celebration for her at Beautiful Metropolis Hotel. It’s a perfect occasion to profess his love and propose to her,” the old lady explained in detail, and she sighed dramatically. “Sigh, wooing a girl depends on courage and initiative. If a guy can’t put aside his ego and pride, then he’s doomed to weep at a corner.”

She pressed her palms against her knees and acted as if she was about to stand up and leave.

Yan Rusheng grew irritated and restless by her incessant nagging. “Will you please leave if there’s nothing else?”

The old lady noticed the irritation in his voice and chided him. “Wretched boy, what is that attitude towards me? I’m still the Chairman of Flourish & Prosper.”

“Then Madam Chairman please take over my job. I’m willing to be replaced by you.” Yan Rusheng rose and gestured at his chair with a smile.

Wang Daqin heard his sarcasm and waved her hands. She lamented bitterly, “You heartless boy. You’re not even half as filial as Xuxu. I’d better build up my relationship with Ah Heng since Xuxu will be marrying him in the future. Then I can count on the husband and wife to take care of me.”

The husband and wife…?

The moment Young Master Yan heard these few words, he erupted with jealousy.

He began to visualize Wen Xuxu becoming Jiang Zhuoheng’s wife as she put her arm around his. As she donned an apron and busied herself in the kitchen.

And a kid was calling her his mommy and Jiang Zhuoheng his daddy. Then the three of them went to the zoo together…

The scenes he visualized made him feel terrible.

“Hurry back home.” He grabbed Wang Daqin’s elbows and nudged her towards the door.

He grew even more frustrated and conflicted after he digested his grandmother’s words. He had a strong desire to throw Wen Xuxu over his shoulder, carry her to his room and just throw her on his bed.

And after the deed was done…

These past few days he was besieged with the same thought—open the door and drag her in by force.

“Tonight, Xuxu and Ah Heng asked me out for dinner. And we’ll be shopping for Xuxu’s present together,” the old lady informed him cheerfully.

Every word seemed to stab at Yan Rusheng viciously, and it almost drove him mad.

He knitted his eyebrows and glanced at her leg. He said rudely, “Isn’t your leg in pain? Why are you still running around at night?”

“The pain is gone as long as I’m happy.” Wang Daqin held on to Yan Rusheng’s shoulder as she swung her leg around with gusto.

She gave Yan Rusheng a look that seemed to say, ‘Can you see this? It isn’t painful anymore.’

Yan Rusheng ignored her, and after opening the door, he shoved her outside. “Go back. The chauffeur is waiting.”

He didn’t completely shut the door, but instead left a gap for him to peek outside.

He knew that the old lady would definitely look for Xuxu.

True enough, Wang Daqin strolled towards Xuxu.

“Xuxu, are you busy?”

She walked towards Xuxu and smiled happily when she saw her.

“Chairman, are you going back soon?” Xuxu stood up immediately when she saw Wang Daqin approaching.

In the company, she always addressed her as Chairman.

Wang Daqin replied happily, “Yes, I’m about to head back.”

She had barely finished when Yan Rusheng’s voice called out, “Wen Xuxu, come in for a minute.”