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“Okay.” Xuxu stole a glance at his office when she heard him.

Yan Rusheng stood at the door and looked at her sternly. She looked troubled as she glanced back at Wang Daqin.

Wang Daqin nodded and nudged her. “Go ahead, I’m leaving anyway.”

She could no longer conceal her grin.

She hurriedly turned around and gave Yan Rusheng a bright smile.

Young Master Yan secretly sighed with relief when the old madam finally left. He spun around and went back to his office.

He’d barely sat down when his cellphone vibrated. He threw a careless glance at the screen.

The text was from Wang Daqin, and he immediately clicked it.

I forgot to mention. No one else can profess your love for you.

Did that mean that she wasn’t going to tell Wen Xuxu that he was in love with her?

He had never doubted this old madam’s intelligence. He may have vehemently denied it, but she would have definitely seen through his lies.

He was mulling over their conversation when Wen Xuxu knocked and entered. “President Yan.”

She spoke softly with her head lowered. She looked awkward.

After all, the incident had happened only yesterday, and furthermore, it was in this room.

If it were anyone else, the person wouldn’t even have reported for work.

Of course… if it were anyone else, she definitely wouldn’t resist Young Master Yan.

That’s why Wen Xuxu had always been regarded as a person with integrity and principles in the eyes of the elders and their friends.

She had never once let her emotions affect her studies or academic results. The same applied to her job—professionalism was something she firmly believed in.

Yan Rusheng raised his head to look at her with the same awkwardness, his face flushing red again.

He cleared his throat solemnly. “Get me a cup of water.”

“Okay.” Wen Xuxu nodded, and she reached out to get his cup.

Her fair and slender fingers seemed to be gently caressing his heart.

He said abruptly, “Wen Xuxu.”

Wen Xuxu jerked a little as she looked at him. He was glancing at her hand with his head bowed. His thick eyelashes hid his eyes.

That slight curve at the end of his eyes was more beautiful than a seductress.

“Ahem, I’m sorry about last night.” Young Master Yan mustered all his courage to say those words.

After he apologized, his gorgeous face flushed crimson red.

Xuxu was so surprised that Yan Rusheng had said sorry to her. He actually knew how to apologize…

This was the first time she had ever heard him apologizing to her.

She noticed how red his face had become and knew how hard he must have struggled to utter these words.

As she thought of this, she gave a faint smile and brushed it off. “I’ve already forgotten about it.”

Her casual tone and the brief reply made Yan Rusheng’s heart sink in disappointment.

He replied lightly, “Then we’re good.”

Within such a short period of time, she was able to forget everything and brush it off casually; this just proved that he didn’t mean anything to her.

She couldn’t even be bothered to hate or loathe him.

Xuxu filled his cup and presented it to him. “President Yan, here is your water.”

“Mmm. You may leave,” Yan Rusheng instructed her and began to peruse a random document.

“President Yan.”

Suddenly, Xuxu’s voice fell above him. He jerked his head and frowned slightly. “Huh?”

“The document is upside down,” Xuxu said, her face unreadable as she pointed at the document he was holding.

Yan Rusheng was speechless as he lowered his head. His face immediately darkened.