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When he lifted his head again, Wen Xuxu was already at the door.

Young Master Yan curled his lips as he watched her quickly slip out. A smile as tender as a blooming flower appeared on his face.

Wretched girl!

At Bright Vision.

“If I see you hanging out with Third Yan in future, I’m going to break your legs.”

Yan Rusheng had humiliated Ming Zhongsheng at his company, so he came to his own company to look for his grandson and to vent his anger.

He paced lividly to and fro in Ming Ansheng’s office with his hands behind him.

When had he, Ming Zhongsheng, ever been humiliated before? His granddaughter was fired, and if the news got out…

No, everyone in the industry already knew.

How could he ever walk with his head held high again?

“Sigh.” Ming Ansheng sighed helplessly as he pushed his work aside. He walked towards Ming Zhongsheng and held him by his elbow, directing him to the couch. “Grandfather, can we be more rational about this?”

How could he simply sever all ties with Yan Rusheng or Flourish & Prosper?

He knew that the old man had said it all in a fit of anger. It was the same for half of the threats he’d uttered.

“Rational?” Ming Zhongsheng sneered loudly as he pointed at Wen Xinyi who was still weeping. He rushed at Ming Ansheng and asked him, “Then was he being rational when he fired Xinyi?”

Ming Ansheng glanced at the sobbing Wen Xinyi after he heard him.

Compared to his grandfather’s rage, he was much more composed. “I don’t need to know what happened and I can already hazard a guess.”

Third Yan may look like he’d gone overboard, but in his heart, he knew that Xinyi must have done something even more serious to have angered and provoked him.

Otherwise, he would have at least taken their friendship into consideration even after overlooking the ties between the Yan and Ming family.

Wen Xinyi raised her face dampened with tears and stared at Ming Ansheng who was walking towards her.

Ming Ansheng lowered his head and asked her solemnly, “Xinyi, did you provoke Wen Xuxu?”

Wen Xinyi’s eyes darted away and avoided him, and she hurriedly bent her head. She shook her head lightly as she stammered, “I-I… didn’t.”

She was nervously clenching her hands.

“Hmph!” Ming Zhongsheng snorted aloud in disdain. “What’s the big deal about provoking her? She’s just a young girl from the countryside who the Yan family took in. Did she really think that after a few years, she could just elevate her status by marrying Yan Rusheng?”

Ming Ansheng stared at his grandfather coldly. “Not everyone is as prejudiced as you.”

His own emotions were mingled with his reply.

He hated hearing Ming Zhongsheng criticizing and looking down on others; it always left him feeling frustrated.

“Now that you’re all grown up, you’re even helping outsiders to infuriate me.” Ming Zhongsheng’s anger hadn’t abated yet, and he was close to hitting Ming Ansheng.

Wen Xinyi hurried forward to stop him. “Grandfather, please don’t do this.”

She gripped Ming Zhongsheng tightly as she wept. “I’m fine. Don’t fight anymore with Brother Sheng.”

“I’m not trying to make you angry.” Ming Ansheng didn’t want to quarrel with his grandfather in the company. And even though he loathed his behavior, Ming Zhongsheng was still his grandfather.

He adjusted his emotions and sat down. He said, “Wen Xuxu is the apple of Grandmother Yan’s eye. Anyone can see that. And it’s not just the old madam, who doesn’t like her in the entire Yan family?”

If Third Yan and Wen Xuxu didn’t already have someone they loved respectively, she would have long been the third young mistress of the Yan family by now.

After he said his piece, he looked at Wen Xinyi who had cried until her eyes were swollen. He couldn’t bear to be harsh to her when he saw how pitiful she was. He spoke gently, “I’ve warned you not to provoke Wen Xinyi. Did you forget what I said after just a few days?”