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If I remember correctly, the Mayor’s daughter is turning twenty this year.

She looked at the man who was waiting for her outside the car. The corners of her mouth sank slowly.

“Wen Xuxu?” After waiting a while without seeing Wen Xuxu get out of the car, Yan Rusheng opened the car door impatiently and prompted her. “Why are you dawdling?”

“Oh.” Xuxu collected herself and took her time to get off the car.

“Walk quickly.”

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng grasped her by the wrist and dragged her towards the direction of the elevator.

“President Yan…” Xuxu stared at the arm being grasped by Yan Rusheng. She held back her words and shifted her gaze to his face.

Under the dim lights, the outline of his handsome side profile and jawline was exceptionally attractive.

He blatantly dragged her up the escalator and, before everyone’s eyes, held her hand while maneuvering through the crowd.

When they reached the first floor, Yan Rusheng stopped short at a jewelry shop. He turned to look at Wen Xuxu. “What gift would be suitable for the Mayor’s daughter?”

Xuxu looked down slightly and replied with nonchalance, “I don’t know her so I wouldn’t know the kind of gifts she’d like.”

In the past, he hadn’t shown much interest towards those top models and celebrities. But he seemed to be serious this time.

She felt disappointed and at the same time grateful.

Grateful because Fang Jiayin was no longer the reason for his selfish and imposing behavior towards other women.

Grateful because, just like herself, Yan Rusheng had also sorted out his thoughts. This way, Aunt Mu Li and Grandmother didn’t have to worry about his marriage anymore.

She looked down, and her curly eyelashes blocked her eyes, preventing Yan Rusheng from reading her expression.

He probed further, “If it was your birthday, what gift would you hope to get?”

After he finished his question, his eyes gleamed with a faint trace of anticipation.

“I…” Wen Xuxu bit her lips and hesitated for a moment before replying lightly, “I’m not her, and she’s not me. Whatever I like may not be what she likes. Why don’t you call her and ask?”

With that, she withdrew her hand from Yan Rusheng’s grip before he could react.

Lowering her head, she looked at her wrist which was now red. The residual warmth from his palm still lingered.

To her surprise, Yan Rusheng grabbed her wrist again. “Then pick one that you’d like.”

Holding on to her wrist, he entered the jewelry shop.

The salesgirl recognized Yan Rusheng from the corner of her eyes. Her eyes beamed and she swiftly went forward to welcome him. “Young Master Yan, how can I help you?”

After asking, she glanced quickly at the sight of Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu holding hands. She started having shrewd thoughts in her mind.

Instead of waiting for Yan Rusheng to speak, she smiled and said, “A necklace had just arrived at our shop yesterday. There are only nine such limited edition necklaces in the world, and we have yet to display it. I feel that this necklace is very suitable for Miss Wen.”

As a result of her association with Young Master Yan, Wen Xuxu regularly had chances to appear in the entertainment news and remained in the limelight.

Therefore, she was not at all surprised that the salesgirl could recognize her.

But the salesgirl appeared to have misunderstood, and she needed to set matters straight. “We…”

She had just opened her mouth when Yan Rusheng cut her off. “Take it out and let her try it on.”

“Alright.” The salesgirl nodded her head with a smile. Pointing to the high stools in front of a cupboard, she gestured respectfully to Yan Rusheng. “Please take a seat with Miss Wen.”

Wen Xuxu took a glance at the shop logo. It was an upscale foreign brand.

At this moment, Yan Rusheng released his grip from her hand. She sat on the high stool, lowered her head and stared at the dazzling and sparkling jewelry displayed in the glass cabinet.