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Every piece was highly priced.

With only nine pieces in the world, the price would be even more exorbitant.

She was lost in thought when the salesgirl walked towards them with a bright smile, holding a red-colored square box in her hands. “Young Master Yan, here is the necklace.”

She spoke as she placed the box down, opening it gingerly.

A piece of the dazzling diamond necklace was presented before their eyes. At one glance, other than being a bit more sparkling, it looked rather ordinary.

The salesgirl put on a pair of black gloves and took out the necklace from the box. She pointed to the pendant on the necklace and introduced it to Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu. “This necklace was intricately designed by our in-house chief designer. It has a simple, yet romantic, name known as ‘Until The End Of Time’.”

She removed one glove and pointed to one of the diamonds. “This diamond is in the form of a rose. It’s made up of nine pieces of hand-carved, heart-shaped diamonds interlinked together, signifying how love lasts until the end of time— everlasting and unchanging.”

Xuxu gazed at all the small and dazzling heart-shaped diamonds; she was lost in thought.

“Xuxu, this was a present that Ah Sheng gave me on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Is it pretty?”

‘A lifetime’.

A few days before Fang Jiayin left, it was Chinese Valentine’s Day, and he’d given her a necklace. It was the same one hanging on the headboard of his office bed.

When she went away, the necklace was left behind.

She’d always thought that this necklace was intentionally left as a remembrance for Yan Rusheng—so that he could be reminded of her at every moment.

If this was true, then she had succeeded. That necklace had been left hanging on the headboard ever since the day she left. This proved that he had never forgotten about her.

But it’s been three years, and she had yet to return. Perhaps she had been too judgmental.

“Young Master Yan, try it on Miss Wen.” The salesgirl handed the necklace to Yan Rusheng with both hands.

Upon hearing that, Xuxu raised her head. She smiled and waved her hand. “There’s no need for that. Let him look and decide for himself because it’s not for me.”

Yan Rusheng glanced at her coldly. “I’m just letting you try it on for a while. Why are you spouting so much nonsense?”

After that, he took the necklace from the salesgirl and got down from the stool. Walking over to Xuxu’s back, he encircled his hands around the front of her neck.

The diamond pendant which signified ‘until the end of time, everlasting and unchanging’, fell slowly between Xuxu’s collarbone.

As it fell, the coldness from the metal touched her warm skin, slowly penetrating her body.

She clenched her fists and silently endured the urge to pull off the necklace.

She was unaware that the man putting on the necklace for her currently exuded an ineffable gentleness on his face, his eyes filled with deep and intense affection.

If only she knew, then everything would have changed.

“Miss Wen, the necklace looks so good on you.”

Yan Rusheng arranged the necklace around Xuxu’s neck. The salesgirl brought a mirror and placed it in front of Wen Xuxu. She smiled and said, “This necklace seems to have been tailor-made for you. It especially suits your disposition.”

The salesgirl flattered her in hopes of making a sale. Of course, Wen Xuxu wouldn’t be taken in.

After just one glance, she couldn’t wait to pull the necklace free from her neck.

“President Yan, you’ve seen enough. Please remove it from me now.”

The moment she stretched her arm to her back, after barely touching the necklace clasp, a large hand caught hers. “Put it on for a little while longer. Try out the quality to see if it’ll oxidize or lose its color.”