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Young Master Yan’s alluring voice could be heard from behind her.

Xuxu’s twitched her mouth and frowned, speechless. “…”

All the salesgirls around them heard what Young Master Yan said, and their faces turned darker than the bottom of a saucepan.

Young Master, this joke isn’t at all funny.

This is an international brand. This is a platinum diamond necklace.

Oxidize? Lose color?

If you weren’t Third Yan, we definitely would have thought that you were trying to be funny.

“How can it lose its color? This item is too precious. If I dropped the necklace, I wouldn’t have the means to pay for it.” Wen Xuxu was determined to remove the necklace from her neck.

Young Master Yan turned impatient. “Wen Xuxu, do you see me as such a demanding person?”

Actually, in the past, he had been rather… demanding.

If you’d known it, you wouldn’t be acting this way.

He didn’t give Xuxu a chance to speak and turned to the salesgirl. “How much?”

The salesgirl smiled and replied, “1.99 million yuan.”

What? This necklace costs 1.99 million yuan?

Hearing this price, Wen Xuxu hurriedly removed the necklace and cautiously placed it back into the box.

The salesgirl observed Xuxu’s reaction upon hearing the price and thought that it was too costly for her.

Immediately, she said, “Our shop is currently running a promotion. Any couple who makes a purchase of over a million yuan will be entitled to a free pair of Ocean series couple rings worth 100,000 yuan.”

Young Master Yan pretended to be disdainful about it. “Bring the rings over so I can take a look.”

But in his heart, he couldn’t help but feel that this was a fabulous promotion.

“Alright. Please wait a moment.” The salesgirl nodded and immediately retrieved a pair of couple rings from the display counter. She placed the rings before Yan Rusheng. “This is the pair. It’s our best seller from the Ocean series.”

There were two platinum diamond rings— one large and one small—inlaid in foam wrapped in black flannel. Both pieces matched the other and looked exquisite.

Young Master Yan fixated his gaze on the male version of the ring while lightly touching the ring finger on his left hand. His heart was tickled, and he was eager to give it a try.

Nevertheless, he managed to restrain himself.

“Wrap them all up.”

With that, he took out his wallet and pulled out a random credit card for the salesgirl.

Xuxu secretly stole a glance at the two jewelry boxes stacked on top of each other. The corners of her tightly pursed lips slowly sank.

Once again, she felt that he’d really set his heart on this matter.

After the bill, the salesgirl placed the rings and necklace in a delicate box and then handed it to Yan Rusheng with both hands. With a humble nod, she said, “President Yan and Miss Wen, please take care.”

Yan Rusheng shot a glance at the box but didn’t reach out to receive it. Instead, he turned his head to look at Wen Xuxu. “Hurry up and take it.”

Wen Xuxu didn’t think too much and swiftly reached out to receive it.

Whenever both of them went out to purchase something, she was always the one to carry it.

They walked out of the jewelry shop, one following the other, and at once, Yan Rusheng set foot towards the mall’s exit.

Xuxu was bewildered. She assumed that he’d forgotten that his car was parked in the basement. She instantly quickened her pace and caught up to him. “President Yan, your car is parked at the basement.”

“I’m aware. I don’t need you to remind me.” Yan Rusheng glanced coldly at Xuxu and didn’t halt his steps. He spoke as he walked, “I didn’t sleep well last night because of all your crying, and I’m having a headache right now. Let’s go take a walk first.”

Just his face alone was enough to catch people’s interest. But when he deliberately raised his voice, he captivated everyone in the mall into turning their attention on him.

Xuxu felt embarrassed. She lowered her head and cursed this man in her heart.