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Chapter 188: Brother, We Really Are…

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“We could go for a walk if you want. There’s no need to mention about last night. If the gossipers heard this, it could cause a misunderstanding.”

Ahem. This was exactly what Young Master Yan wanted.

“Handsome man, colored photo stickers for you?”

Just as they were about to walk out through the mall’s entrance, a little girl who looked about 15 had blocked their path; she was holding some promotional fliers.

The words on the promotional fliers were ‘Feel beautiful as you volunteer’. Yan Rusheng didn’t pay much attention to the fine print at the bottom.

Photo stickers? This was a fad from so many years ago.

He frowned slightly and instantly rejected her. “No.”

What a joke. It’s so absurd to take such kiddish photo stickers in public.

He was firm, and the little girl knew it was no use to plead with him. Thus, she shifted her attention to Xuxu. “Sister, have a photo sticker taken. This will benefit two children from impoverished areas and provide them with a day’s worth of warm rice.”

Afraid that she wasn’t convinced, the little girl pointed to the telephone number printed on the flier and the WeChat QR Code. “This is the telephone number of our charity foundation. If you have doubts, you can give them a call to verify it, or you can scan the QR Code to check out their website.”

Xuxu lowered her head and looked at the promotional flier. There were pictures of shabbily-dressed, dark-skinned children with chapped lips. She hesitated for a moment and then nodded her head. “Okay.”

“Stupid woman. Anyone can tell that it’s a scam.”

Feeling exasperated, Young Master Yan berated her as Xuxu followed the little girl into the photo sticker shop.

This stupid woman made him worry constantly. Why is she so naive and gullible?

He had no choice but to follow after her.

After Xuxu went in, the little girl didn’t photograph her at once. Instead, she handed her a very old notebook and pen. “Sister, please leave your telephone number and name. Come and join us at our future charity events if you have the time.”

Glancing at the little girl’s shining black eyes, Xuxu could feel her sincerity.

Well, it won’t hurt anyone. So why not?

Be it genuine or not, she was helping someone.

She smiled and took the pen and notebook. “Alright.”

She swiftly wrote down her telephone number and the words ‘Yan Xu’ at the name column at the back.

In the past, whenever she came across similar survey questionnaires—especially on days with extreme temperatures—she usually couldn’t bear to decline and would always fill in the name ‘Yan Xu’.

She signed it quickly, and as a result, some of her handwriting was illegible. Yan Rusheng saw those two words and recalled a song, ‘Your name is my family name.”

His eyes curved like crescent moons and he was on cloud nine. At that instant, he felt that this little girl was particularly adorable.

After Xuxu wrote her particulars, the little girl lifted the curtain covering the booth of the photo sticker machine, and Xuxu stepped in. The little girl briefly explained the process and stepped out.

Yan Rusheng leaned against the frame of the glass door. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his trousers, looking indolent and casual.

He gazed at the little girl as she walked out from the curtain and beckoned to her. She was terrified and walked towards him timidly.

“Brother, we really are…”

She tried to explain, but Yan Rusheng cut her off. “Shhh!”

He pointed to the old notebook that Wen Xuxu had written in and whispered, “Bring over that notebook and pen.”

Hearing his command, she didn’t dare to dawdle. She swiftly brought over the pen and notebook to Young Master Yan.