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Yan Rusheng snatched it over and flipped to the page with Xuxu’s information. He stared at the words ‘Yan Xu’ and smiled craftily.

He took the pen and added the word ‘Wen’ between ‘Yan’ and ‘Xu’. His handwriting was small because of space constraints.

After he was done writing, he closed the notebook and returned it to the little girl. “Done. You can keep it now.”

Xuxu looked at herself from the camera lens. Since there wasn’t anyone around, she began making various expressions and poses, completely unrestrained.

Tongue sticking out, wry face, peace sign. It had been many years since she’d posed like this, and they brought back a sense of childish innocence once more.

“Wen Xuxu, are you giving birth inside?”

Xuxu was pouting and preparing to take a photograph of her awfully adorable expression when suddenly the curtain was pulled apart and a tall figure dashed in.

Feeling shocked, her hands trembled and accidentally pressed the button of the remote control she was holding.

With Young Master Yan’s sudden intrusion, even the camera was caught off guard and captured an image of the two of them together.

The photo sticker was developed, with Xuxu looking embarrassed and stunned in the photo.

Yan Rusheng’s eyebrows were furrowed, and he was visibly impatient, but it didn’t change the effect of the photo.

In Xuxu’s eyes, it was an amusing sight. She pointed to their photo in the monitor and smiled. “Yan Rusheng, you look miserable.”

“Haha. Do I?” Young Master Yan raised his eyebrows sinisterly and took a step towards Xuxu.

All of a sudden, he clasped her face with both hands and gave it a tight squeeze.

Poor Xuxu. He abused her pretty face to the point of distortion. She knitted her eyebrows in rage and glared at this hateful man. “Yan Rusheng, take your hands off.”

Her pronunciation was unclear since her mouth had been squeezed into an elongated O shape.

Feeling overwhelmed with anger and anxiousness, she pummeled his shoulders with her tightly clenched fists.

Yan Rusheng looked at her and grinned. “That pouting expression just now wasn’t at all adorable. This is more lovable.”

With that, he straightened Xuxu’s face to face the camera which by now, had automatically switched to shooting mode.

Xuxu fumed when she saw the state that she was in and cursed him. “Damn you!”

“Don’t move. Let me take a picture of you.” Yan Rusheng used his elbow to press the shoot button, and the photo was developed.

After which, he released his grip.

Xuxu’s face felt numb and painful. She massaged it as she viewed the photos on the monitor. Her expressions were warped, but that man was beaming from ear to ear.

In contrast, her presence appeared to merely compliment his handsome-looking face.

She lowered her head and pouted as she gnashed her teeth in resentment.

To Yan Rusheng, this appearance was just too cute. He couldn’t help but tease her. “Wen Xuxu, you’re usually so frigidly arrogant. It turns out that’s just been a pretense.”

If he hadn’t barged in just now, he wouldn’t have known that the aloof and arrogant Wen Xuxu could also pout in such an adorable manner.

Perhaps she only revealed her childlike nature when she was with Jiang Zhuoheng.

Probably, when Xuxu and Young Master Jiang were together, that childlike nature would emerge instantly.

There was a sudden shift in his mood, and he was no longer as composed. “You’ve been dawdling inside until now. Just how many dumb poses have you taken?”

After finishing his sentence, he stretched out his hands to rummage through the photos that Xuxu took before he came in.

He didn’t intend to tease her, but he just couldn’t wait to take a look.

“Yan Rusheng.”

Young Master Yan had barely touched the keyboard when Wen Xuxu jumped on his back. She wrapped both arms around his neck, one hand pinching his nose, one hand pinching his cheek.