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Xuxu looked at the screen and smiled with satisfaction. She raised her leg and used her toes to press the button.

Her actions from jumping on his back to taking the photo were done seamlessly without an ounce of hesitation or delay.

After the photo was taken, she jumped down from his back and shoved him aside. She was relieved after the photos were printed.

Although he was ‘secretly attacked’, Young Master Yan wasn’t in the least bit upset. Instead, there was an entrancing smile on his face.

“Wen Xuxu, you’ve grown bolder.” He suddenly stretched his hand and hugged her waist from the back, murmuring in her ear with his deep voice, “How dare you touch my face?”

He looked at her with affection and tenderness.

Ever since she couldn’t defeat him in high school, she would jump on his back whenever she felt anxious and mount a sneak attack on him when he wasn’t looking.

Even though they didn’t see eye to eye with each other at the time, their actions and words could be pretty intimate without a hint of unease.

But at some point in time, both of them began to drift apart.

To be specific, it was Xuxu who began to grow distant from him. She no longer burst into his room without knocking or climbed on his back triumphantly when he wasn’t looking.

Perhaps it was because they’d grown up and understood the differences between a man and a woman.

Just now, she had suddenly jumped on him. Her expression and posture were exactly like how she’d used to be.

His heart was attacked with billowing waves, and in that moment, he had one domineering thought— Wen Xuxu is mine.

This thought intensified when he hugged her soft and petite body.

Xuxu was shocked when he suddenly hugged her. She was about to scream when his alluring voice and minty breath numbed her senses.

Her mouth fell agape as she dazedly stared at the screen.

Yan Rusheng took the opportunity to take a few more photos of their intimate position.

Xuxu snapped out of her daze and raised her leg to kick him forcefully. She forcibly shoved him away, then lifted the curtains to escape.

She ran out of the mall without even stopping once. Eventually, she finally stopped to catch her breath, bending down to hold her knees for support.

The image of Yan Rusheng hugging her swirled through her mind repeatedly.

Yan Rusheng, why? Why do you have to give me false hope?

Are you that determined to push me beyond redemption?

“Wen Xuxu, why are you running away?”

Yan Rusheng was right behind her, his tone sounding vexed.

Xuxu straightened her back and turned around. She beamed at him and bragged, “Yan Rusheng, it couldn’t be helped since I’m more fortunate than you. Even if you don’t congratulate me, I’ll still be happy.”

Her hands which were hanging limply by her sides gradually tightened into fists.

She mocked herself quietly, The more you brag, the more you try to hide something you lack.

It was completely true.

Yan Rusheng halted in his tracks when he heard her. His hands which were holding the jewelry box shivered a little, and it almost slipped out of his grip.

Wen Xuxu didn’t look at him and simply stole a glance at the box in his hands before turning around.

She looked away. “It’s getting late. We should leave for the birthday celebration now if you don’t want the mayor’s daughter to be upset.”

She finally knew why she was bragging out of spite earlier on. It was because he was such a jerk for making her witness how thoughtful he could be to other women.

She was furious with him… They used to be so unguarded, so close. But now he just fooled around and made intimate gestures towards her as if nothing had happened.

Perhaps, he had no idea that person was her.