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Wang Daqin was drinking milk and reading the newspapers during breakfast. At the same time, she couldn’t stop expressing her opinions about the articles.

“These reporters love spinning stories without clarifying the truth with those involved. It would be too unfortunate if Ah Heng sees them and gets the wrong idea.”

There was a hidden meaning behind her speech. Sitting across from her, Yan Rusheng lifted his head slightly. He asked her with mild interest, “According to you, what should the truth be?”

Of course, he was aware that the old lady was indirectly rebuking him for his actions. But she should at least hide the enthusiasm and excitement in her eyes.

Wasn’t she just saying empty words then?

Wang Daqin continued to stare at the article with an enormous photo of Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, pretending to mull over it. She said lightly, “I think Xuxu fell into your trap.”

Her tone was certain. “She’ll definitely settle the score with you.”

Yan Rusheng grinned without denying her statement.

He’d always labeled her as a stupid woman, but he’d never once doubted her intelligence.

The woman he liked would definitely possess both looks and intelligence.

“Third Yan, can you be any more heavy-handed? You were just buying a birthday present for her.” Wang Daqin voice rose in pitch due to anxiousness. “Will you get pregnant if you put aside your pride for once?”

Even though she didn’t know the details of the entire situation, she was sure that Xuxu was unaware that the necklace was meant for her.

That was because when Yan Rusheng came home last night, the necklace and rings were still with him.

As she deliberated, her gaze swept past the newspapers articles once more. She thought shrewdly, ‘These photos don’t look like they were taken by some random passerby since they ended up in the financial magazines as well. This matter has blown up.’

She didn’t rule out the possibility that her grandson had plotted the entire scheme.

“Can’t you tell that I’m wooing her?” Yan Rusheng lifted his eyebrows as he questioned the old madam. At the same time, he dabbed the corners of his mouth gracefully with a napkin.

Wang Daqin was anxious. “Then you should profess your love.”

If he doesn’t take action soon, Xuxu will become the Jiang family’s daughter-in-law.

Regardless of the outcome, he should put in his utmost effort to fight for her.

Young Master Yan replied disdainfully, “Professing my love for her is so childish.”

“You’re afraid of being rejected, aren’t you?”

The old lady hit the nail on the head; Young Master Yan pressed his lips tightly together. After holding back for some time, he lowered his head. “Eat.”

It was the weekend, and Xuxu woke up sometime after 8 a.m.

The first thing she did every morning was to draw the curtains and check her phone.

She opened her bedside drawer and retrieved her phone. She was startled to see dozens of missed calls. The calls were from Zhou Shuang and Jiang Zhuoheng.

Xuxu’s felt her heart squeeze when she saw the missed calls. She figured that something bad must have happened.

She hurriedly returned Jiang Zhuoheng’s call.

Jiang Zhuoheng picked up and asked, “Xuxu, are you awake?”

His voice didn’t sound any different; he was cheerful as usual.

Xuxu asked puzzledly, “Why did you call so many times so early in the morning?”

“I’m going on a walk with your grandfather. We’ll be back soon, so eat your breakfast first.”


She hung up, but she was still a little doubtful. Then she called Zhou Shuang back.

The second Zhou Shuang picked up, she rattled on without even saying hello. “You worthless lass! How can you give up Jiang Zhuoheng for a guy like Yan Rusheng? He’s a snob, and he has too much pride! Is your brain really working?”