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Xuxu’s heart fell with a thump after she took in Zhou Shuang’s words. She began to feel uneasy.

Her voice rose in pitch to hide her guilt. “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

Did Ah Heng say something to Zhou Shuang?

But Ah Heng wasn’t someone who would blabber, especially if she didn’t want him to. He would never do something like that.

“Wen Xuxu, don’t tell me you still don’t know? You’re on the headlines, and you’ve become famous overnight. All the newspapers and websites are circulating with rumors of your budding relationship with Yan Rusheng.” Zhou Shuang sneered coldly, “It’s indeed a blessing. The diamond necklace, ‘Until The End Of Time’, worth 1.99 million yuan, and the ‘Ocean series’ couple rings along with a loving couple shot. It’s devastating for all the single people.”

“What?!” Xuxu shrieked, her eyes widening in shock. “Are you saying that Yan Rusheng and I have hit the headlines for buying that necklace?!”

Oh my god, is that true?

Without waiting for Zhou Shuang to answer, she hung up and went online.

As expected, the front page of the search engine browser had news about her and Yan Rusheng in the entertainment section.

‘Third Master Yan and Childhood Sweetheart/Secretary’s Relationship Exposed.’

The photo of Yan Rusheng putting the necklace on her at the jewelry shop was particularly blinding.

“How did this happen?” She clicked the link and scanned through the article. It was an account of the events that happened last night at the mall.

The media had spun a story about her as Yan Rusheng’s childhood sweetheart. It was a romantic tale of a President and Cinderella which included snippets of their real-life stories.

And they added that she had finally entered the family as their official granddaughter-in-law after being an adopted child bride of the Yan family.

She felt extremely upset when she read this line. What adopted child bride? She climbed up the ranks?

The article had depicted her as a scheming and cunning woman.

The photos were secretly taken from the mall all the way until Yan Rusheng dropped her off at her apartment.

She finished reading the Cinderella story with her as the main character. Xuxu sat on the bed with her cellphone, utterly dazed. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

She thought the whole matter seemed strange. Even if the paparazzi were around, it was normal for them to snap a few photos.

But they had followed them throughout the whole journey, and the article was written like a novel. The story, which consisted of at least a few thousand words, had emphasized heavily on her journey of climbing up the ranks and how she finally secured her position.

In a nutshell, it implied that she had courted Yan Rusheng relentlessly.

She narrowed her eyes, and there was a gleam of shrewdness.

She clicked on her phone’s screen and entered her mailbox.

She searched for an email from some time ago.

She’d previously had dealings with the mayor due to the bidding of a piece of land owned by the government. She’d done her research on the mayor beforehand and knew that he had a daughter. The daughter had just turned 20, and she even knew her name.

That email consisted of the mayor and his daughter’s information.

It clearly stated that the mayor’s daughter’s birthday was on the 28th of October.

Her birthday was still months away.

Xuxu gripped her phone tightly as she gnashed her teeth. “Yan Rusheng!”

‘Wen Xuxu, I don’t believe in fate. I only believe in myself.’

That guy did this on purpose—everything was deliberately planned.

She quickly changed into her clothes and went to wash up.

Without eating breakfast, she took her bag and left the house.

“Xuxu, where are you going?”

She had just stepped out of the elevator when she bumped into Jiang Zhuoheng and her grandfather.

Jiang Zhuoheng was pushing her grandfather in a wheelchair, ready to head back home.

“I need to head out to settle some stuff,” she replied as she walked towards them.

She looked furious and upset.

Jiang Zhuoheng could tell from her expression. “Are you going to the Yans?”