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He went outside to get Xuxu’s cup and even disinfected it with boiling water before filling it with coffee.

An adorable cute cartoon fox character was printed on her cup.

He couldn’t stop himself from taking a sip from her cup, and as he licked his lips, he wished he could continue drinking. His alluring lips curled with satisfaction at how good it tasted.

Young Master Yan placed the cup of coffee on Xuxu’s desk and went back to his office. But he wasn’t in the mood to work.

Colleagues started to stream in one after another, and he heard them greeting each other. Young Master Yan leaned back on his swivel chair and placed his hands on his chest.

God, his heart was pounding rapidly.

He really wanted to know how touched Xuxu would be when she saw the steaming cup of coffee on her desk. But he was afraid that she would poke fun at him.

He’d never tried this hard to win someone over before, let alone for a woman.

When he was dating Fang Jiayin, he had never taken the initiative. When they went out on dates, everything—such as movies, shopping, and dinner—had all been planned by her. He merely accompanied her.

Unlike this stupid woman, he had to rack his brains to conjure up a feasible excuse just to buy her a birthday present.

Wen Xuxu, you’re such a bothersome and stupidly alluring woman.

She’d always frolicked around him ever since they were kids, and she had never disappeared from his side before.

Knock knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door suddenly, and Yan Rusheng snapped out of his daze. He straightened his back and got his act together. He spoke in his usual voice. “Enter.”

He bent his head and started to pore over a document.

As he’d fervently wished and hoped, it was indeed Wen Xuxu.

She wore a pure white dress which stopped at her knees. The sleeves reached her elbows, and the dress was cinched tightly at her waist. She wore a pink headband, and her hair was let down loosely.

Her appearance looked fresh and exuded an elegant and cultured charm.

It delighted Young Master Yan’s senses and left him astonished. By the time he got over his delight, Xuxu was already standing in front of him.

She was holding a white envelope, which she passed to Yan Rusheng with both hands. “President Yan, this is my formal letter of resignation. I might not be Flourish & Prosper’s official employee, but I feel that it’s more appropriate to give you formal notice.”

She spoke calmly, and she seemed strangely unapproachable and distant today.

Yan Rusheng’s expression froze abruptly. The rippling fluctuations of anticipation and excitement in his heart were snuffed out instantaneously.

He faced the tiny woman, and his peach blossom-shaped eyes blazed with chilliness. “So you’re here to resign?”

“President Yan, please stop all these ridiculous tricks. I want to apologize for all the times I’ve provoked you in the past.” Xuxu spoke composedly, and there wasn’t a hint of emotion in her tone.

After saying her piece, she placed the resignation letter in front of Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng jerked his head slightly upward and raised his eyebrows. “What things have I done that seem like ridiculous tricks to you?”

His tone exuded an eerie chilliness which enveloped Xuxu.

Xuxu looked into those eyes that shone like emerald black jade. Her heart jerked violently as fear crept and spread across her entire body.

But she didn’t give away her fear as she maintained her calm visage. She continued to appear unperturbed, and her expression remained impassive. “Yan Rusheng, we’ve grown up together, and I’ve always harbored deep affection towards you… like we’re a family. But because of your circumstances, I was forced to stick by you. Do you really hate me that much?”

“Wen Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng stood up and his palms pressed against the desk. Inching closer to her, he raised his voice. “If I hated you so much, then I’d…”

Feeling terrified, Xuxu panicked and gripped the desk with all her strength. A blinding gleam flashed across Yan Rusheng’s eyes.