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If there were any disagreements between them, she had never bothered arguing with him. She simply used her fists.

Regardless of the outcome, she was always the one who suffered.

During the times she couldn’t defeat him, she endured.

Hence, she chose to put up with it for the time being. She hastily left Yan Rusheng’s room after leaving the message.

Wen Xuxu’s mind was preoccupied the whole morning with what she’d seen after she dashed into President Yan’s room.

No, that wasn’t thinking. In fact, that scene felt like a curse that had been vividly etched into her mind.

It’s not as if you haven’t seen it before. Didn’t you touch it when you were young? Getting me to let you play with it?

Tch, how dare he mention their childhood? She had been ignorant and clueless about the difference between men and women back then. Furthermore, back then she was…

Her expression darkened visibly after she recalled certain memories.

She composed herself and took a deep breath. In her heart, she uttered, This is the first time I’ve seen his body after he became an adult.

After witnessing this incident, she was no longer her usual self. For instance, no matter what she did, she seemed out of sorts.

It was nearing lunch time when Wen Xuxu’s phone rang.

She glanced at the screen which displayed the President’s office number.

The dark memories flashed past her mind once more, and she blushed right away.

She put the receiver to her ear and answered softly, “President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng chuckled upon hearing her tone. “Are you Wen Xuxu in person?”

Wen Xuxu frowned and thought, What did he mean by that? What was he implying by asking if it’s her in person?

He’d grown up listening to her voice, how could he not recognize her voice?

This guy was doing it on purpose.

“Yes, President.” Her voice went back to normal.

He discarded his pleasant tone as well and said commandingly, “Come in.”

“Yes,” Wen Xuxu responded and ended the call. She shut her eyes tightly and took a deep breath.

“Don’t think about it any further. You’ll forget it soon.”

She knocked before entering Yan Rusheng’s office.


Yan Rusheng sat on his luxurious chair facing a pile of documents waiting to be signed. He was perusing them when he heard Wen Xuxu address him.

He raised his head and his face looked like a masterpiece sculpted by God himself. His features were sharp and prominent, especially his shrewd-looking eyes which radiated an unfathomable and mysterious charm.

His white shirt complemented his good-looking face and it made his face even fairer. Golden rays of sunlight shone down on him through the French windows and made him sparkle.

Everything else seemed plain and ordinary by comparison.

As Wen Xuxu walked towards him, the scene from that morning appeared once again in her mind. Her face turned red again.

She bowed her head slightly, her long curled eyelashes blocked her eyes from displaying any awkwardness and shyness.

Yan Rusheng looked at her and said, “Ouyang will reach the airport at 3 p.m. this afternoon. Fetch her and you know what to bring.”

He lowered his head after instructing her and continued reading the documents.

She had to handle his harem once again. How troublesome, she thought.

Wen Xuxu grumbled to herself in her heart while responding earnestly, “I got it, President.”

Ever since she became Yan Rusheng’s secretary, the task she did most frequently was to handle his harem. This hooligan was a true womanizer.

To reach the airport at 3 p.m., Wen Xuxu set off at 2 p.m. in her Audi Q7 which had been given by the company.

Even though it was not yet the peak traffic hour, she was still slightly delayed on the road.