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When did he arrive? Why didn’t she hear a single sound?

His movements were as silent as a ghost and had almost scared her to death.

“Wen Xuxu, I thought I forbade you to eat as punishment? Did my words roll off like water off a duck’s back?” Yan Rusheng yelled in a deep voice. He marched forward with his long legs and walked towards Wen Xuxu.

An overwhelming gust of gloomy air approached her.

Wen Xuxu looked up with her tiny face and looked at the man standing before her, watching her from a higher position. Unknown courage possessed her and she stared at him in a defiant manner.

“You said I can’t eat lunch, but you didn’t mention desserts.”

There was an indescribable fury buried in her heart which was clamoring to explode. She wanted to unleash her rage.

But she was a well-disciplined person and they were in the office right now. The man standing in front of her was her boss. She didn’t want other people to think that she was given ‘preferential treatment’.

She had an internal struggle and in the end, she quietly looked down.

“Sorry, I know I’m in the wrong.”

After she apologized, she turned around and threw her cake and milk into the trash can.

She added, “I’ll get back to work.”

Wen Xuxu clenched her fists and walked away from Yan Rusheng with a cold expression.

Yan Rusheng watched her leave the office pantry with a frown. When she vanished from sight, he slowly moved his gaze away from her and looked at the trash can.

He stared at the half-eaten mousse Wen Xuxu had thrown away. He knitted his brows even tighter as he felt gloomier.

Her hot temper from being spoiled is getting worse.

He had merely admonished her briefly and she had simply thrown the food away.

As he looked at the glistening mousse, his stomach growled suddenly in response.

Tsk. His stomach was such a letdown.

After starving for an entire afternoon, Wen Xuxu’s top priority after work was to grab dinner.

There was a stall near the entrance of the area and its business was extremely brisk during dinner time.

She sat in a corner while waiting for her food, scrolling through her phone to pass the time.

Her classmates’ group chat came to mind. It’d been days since she last entered the group chat after she unblocked it.

She clicked on QQ and there were 99 unread messages in the group chat.

She rarely chatted online and even when she did, she preferred WeChat. She hardly ever used QQ.

She clicked into the group chat and the messages were still popping up.

I’m going to seek refuge with President Yan soon since times are hard.

Tch. Don’t pretend.

In this group chat, we’re the only ones chatting, Third Yan and the rest don’t even show themselves.

He’s the President of Flourish & Prosper right now and his schedule is packed every day. Why would he have time for unemployed bummers like us?

The participants in the group chat were all childhood friends of Yan Rusheng and Jiang Zhuoheng. They were second-generation children of wealthy businessmen and government officials and the rest were their girlfriends and wives.

They were merely joking when they said that they were having a hard time and had to seek other people for refuge. Wen Xuxu enjoyed reading their conversation but she didn’t respond.

He’s busy? What nonsense is that? Yesterday we flew back on the same flight from Country F.

This classmate didn’t elaborate further but everyone already knew what that meant. Fang Jiayin left Yan Rusheng to further her studies in country F. She continued staying there to teach and this fact was known to their circle of friends.

If Yan Rusheng wasn’t traveling for work, then Fang Jiayin must be the reason for his sudden trip to Country F.

Third Yan, as your old classmate I don’t mean to nag at you, but if you really want her back, stay away from those casual flings. It’s childish.

Someone had a loose tongue. He couldn’t stand it any longer and stated the truth.

When this someone took the lead, the second one followed suit. Return? What nonsense is that? You don’t need that kind of woman.

I agree. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and women are just like clothes. The more you treat her like a precious gem, the more she’ll treat you badly.

Everyone started enthusiastically lecturing Yan Rusheng regarding ‘political affairs’.