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Yan Rusheng stood tall before the French windows. A pair of malicious-looking eyes stared at the tiny woman who was slowly disappearing from his sight.

A part of his body was hurting; it was… his heart.

He’d felt bitter for a few years over Fang Jiayin’s departure. But he’d never felt anything like this before. To the extent that he’d wanted to forsake his pride to beg Xuxu.

Xuxu reached the roadside and left in a taxi.


Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes, and a cold gleam flashed through his eyes. The corners of his mouth curled with a wicked grin.

Both parties had already parted ways, but rumors of their relationship were still rife.

It rained heavily on Wednesday, and even the heavens didn’t seem to be cooperating.

Xuxu was huddled on the sofa watching TV when she dozed off.

After some time, she was jolted awake by her phone.

She stretched to reach for her phone sleepily. Wang Daqin was calling her.

“Hello, Grandmother.” She placed the phone to her ear, and her sleepy voice sounded slightly sluggish.

“Xuxu, are you still sleeping?” Wang Daqin asked in a gentle and kind tone.

Xuxu rubbed her eyes and glanced at the clock on the wall as she replied, “I fell asleep while watching TV. Grandmother, why are you looking for me?”

Wang Daqin replied affectionately, “Silly girl, it’s your birthday today. I’m on my way to pick you up.”

With those words, Xuxu felt her heart clenching, and there was a prickly sensation in her nose.

She hadn’t forgotten that it was her birthday today; she just felt that the rain made everything seem a little sorrowful. Just like that fateful day when the natural disaster happened.

The sky was as gloomy as today, and the rain poured down heavily.

Her parents had left for work early in the morning, and that was the last time she ever saw them.

After she turned 10, she couldn’t help but recall a fuzzy image of her mother on her birthdays.

The birthday of a child is the day of suffering for the mother.

She was struck with this mournful thought on her birthday this year. Perhaps it was because the weather conditions were similar to that fateful day years ago.

After some time, she managed to keep her emotions in check and replied cheerfully, “It’s too troublesome. I’m happy to receive your blessings, Grandmother.”

“Do you feel that I’m too old to join the celebration?”

“Grandmother, of course that’s not what I meant! Alright then, I’ll pick you up, and we can go out for a meal.”

“It’s fine, I’m almost at your apartment.”


Xuxu peered out the window— the rain was reduced to a drizzle.

“Okay,” she replied and hung up. Then she went to her room to change.

She opened her closet, and the first thing that caught her attention was the gorgeous white princess gown. She stroked the gown gently.

The ring was exceptionally dazzling on her fourth finger, and it matched quite well with the white gown.

‘Xuxu, marry me. I don’t need you to love me the same way you love him, nor do I wish it. But I can give you what you want; happiness and comfort.’

She curled her lips as she brushed against a pink chiffon shirt next to the gown. Without hesitation, she took it out and changed into it.

She matched the pink shirt with a pair of white pants which ended at her ankles. She put on some light makeup and wore a pair of silvery wedge heels.

Such a lovable girl would win the heart of any elderly person.

Wang Daqin thought to herself as she watched Xuxu walking towards her. She felt despondent all of a sudden.

“Grandmother,” Xuxu greeted her cheerily as she opened the door.

She kept her umbrella and climbed inside the car.