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Wen Xuxu thought that the whole situation was hilarious. Third Master Yan didn’t respond at all—he could be having a romantic dinner with a celebrity or model right this moment. Yet they were all righteously lecturing him about values and morals.

She had to say that these pampered playboys had nothing better to do and had too much free time to spare.

She held her cellphone in one hand and the other propped against her cheek. She stared at the screen as the messages flashed past one by one.

She was reading her messages with gusto when the messages suddenly stopped.

She felt baffled the moment when her cell phone vibrated. She’d received a QQ message from the person who had taken the lead in giving Yan Rusheng a ‘political affairs’ lecture earlier on.

Feeling rather surprised, Wen Xuxu opened the message.

Xuxu, I only nagged Third Yan for a bit so I can’t believe he kicked me out of the group chat.

Yan Rusheng was one of the group chat admins.

Xuxu became gloomy. Yan Rusheng kicked him out but why was he messaging her privately?

No wonder there weren’t any more responses, it turned out that Yan Rusheng had kicked him out.

All these people must have been tired of living? Where did they get the guts to mention and criticize Third Master Yan’s most important person right in front of his face? They deserved to be kicked out.

And he was merely kicked out. They might end up losing millions of dollars during the next gathering.

She pretended to be offline and didn’t reply to his message.

But the other party was relentless and followed up with a second text: “I joined the chat again. Can you notify Ah Heng for me to approve my access?”

Wen Xuxu was speechless.

She definitely wouldn’t do it. These playboys spent their time in the group chat gossiping about others; it would be best if she didn’t enter the group chat in future.

She thought about it and was about to exit QQ when the guy messaged again.

Everything’s fine now. Thank you, Xuxu the great beauty.

Everything was fine already? Wen Xuxu blinked her eyes in confusion and remained stunned for a second. She finally managed to react and entered the chat.

Indeed, the group chat was buzzing once again and there were more than twenty messages within the blink of an eye.

Our gentle Xuxu is still the best. I asked her to go to Ah Heng to grant us access and she did it without hesitation.

It should be because Ah Heng treats Xuxu well and does her bidding.

Ah Heng, the measurements of foreign women don’t suit us, I think you’d better hurry back home. Xuxu has been single these past three years, she must be waiting for you. No matter how I see it, the two of you make the most compatible couple.

Someone specifically mentioned Jiang Zhuoheng in the chat.

Me too.

Us too.

In a short span of time, everyone had announced their support for Jiang Zhuoheng and Xuxu’s reconciliation.

Wen Xuxu’s face darkened considerably and she wordlessly frowned.

When had she ever gone to look for Jiang Zhuoheng? This group of friends loved to make groundless accusations.

She was about to explain when Jiang Zhuoheng suddenly appeared.


Just a word and it created a commotion once again. Everyone began to mention Wen Xuxu in the group chat.

Xuxu was frustrated since Jiang Zhuoheng was still being his old self. He was still as mischievous as before and loved to stir up trouble.

She believed that the wisest thing to do now was to pretend she wasn’t online.


At this moment, Third Master Yan was reading the messages of those who supported Jiang Zhuoheng and Xuxu getting back together. He was livid.

This fellow Jiang Zhuoheng loved to pit himself against him and now it was getting more noticeable. He’d kicked that person out but Jiang Zhuoheng had pulled him in once again. What did he mean by that?

He angrily smashed the cell phone on the dining table and grabbed a glass of water, drinking the entire glass in one gulp.

The people at the dining table were taken aback by his sudden outburst of anger.

“Third Yan, why are you suddenly throwing a tantrum?” Wang Daqin stared at her grandson in bewilderment.