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Her gaze shifted to Yan Rusheng’s cell phone and she wondered what he could have seen to make him burst out in anger.

“Nothing much, I’m full,” he coldly replied. Yan Rusheng stood up and retrieved his cell phone and then left the dining room.

The people around the table watched as Third Master Yan left angrily. Everyone’s shock and terror lingered for a long time before fading.

Yan Rusheng was the youngest in the family and he was notorious for being hot-tempered. Previously there was an incident with a disagreement and he’d flipped a dining table after a mere sentence.

The elderly men were seized with anxiety when they’d witnessed his earlier behavior. Their hands gripped the legs of the table, terrified at the thought of him flipping the table.

Time flew by in the blink of an eye and a quarter of a year had already passed.

Yan Rusheng sat right in the center of the spacious and grand conference hall. He listened intently to the quarterly reports from the various departments regarding the summary of their work achievements and the upcoming plans for the next quarter.

Wen Xuxu sat behind him and was recording the meeting minutes.

Flourish & Prosper’s high-ranking executives included plenty of young employees like Yan Rusheng. However, among these people, regardless of looks, capability or temperament, Yan Rusheng remained unrivaled.

This was the fifth quarterly meeting she’d attended ever since she joined Flourish & Prosper a year ago.

She recalled that around this time last year, she had just started working at Flourish & Prosper. Just like a situation of forcing someone to put a square peg into a round hole, Yan Rusheng had brought her into the conference room on her first day.

Indeed as expected, she messed up her first task and had been severely lectured by Yan Rusheng.

As she sat behind him, that was the first time she’d seen a different side of Yan Rusheng.

He was only a year older than her yet he was able to effortlessly handle and deal with a group of sly old foxes who had doubted his capability. He had rendered every single one of them speechless.

That was the first time she became aware of herself and recognized the distance between them. It was far from just their family backgrounds but their capability as well.

Both of her hands were on the laptop’s keyboard and the typing sounds had never stopped even once.

The head of the marketing department finished his report and went back to his seat. However, the typing sounds continued.

Yan Rusheng scowled slightly and turned his head to look at the woman behind him. Her pretty face was covered by the fringe which just touched her eyebrows. He could only see the tip of her nose and her red lips which were curled up.

Her knuckles were clearly defined and were as pale and slender as a scallion. Her movements on the keyboard were nimble.

He recalled the first time she came to the meeting room and how flustered and helpless she’d been. She’d trembled in fear and when the meeting ended, she hadn’t even recorded a single thing.

By the second meeting, she had visibly improved and continued to improve after each attempt. As of now, tasks such as taking the meeting minutes were like a picnic to her.

In the past year, she’d never made a mistake at work and even the difficult and demanding Board of Directors praised Xuxu for her capability.

In his heart, he admitted that if Wen Xuxu went to another company, with time she would be able to shine and excel.

He was suddenly reminded of the message that Jiang Zhuoheng had sent in the group chat.


What did that fellow mean by that? Was he really thinking of reconciling with this stupid woman?

Jiang Zhuoheng returns and inherits family business…

This stupid woman would then be successful in both her career and love? If that day really came, Wang Daqin would scorn and ridicule him without mercy.

“My next phase of the plan is to conduct a field trip for inspection.”

The head of the business development team stood in front of the projector and introduced the work plans for the next quarter.

It started a debate.