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“Director Zhang’s intention is to go to Haicheng City?


“I feel that this matter should be handled by your subordinates. At the very least, you shouldn’t personally lead the first visit. The other party might assume that we regard the particular piece of land with importance and increase the price on purpose.”

Everybody nodded and concurred with the statement.

“Yes, I agree, I think Director Wang’s reasons make sense.”

There was a long pause…

Their opinions were divided and their debate brought Yan Rusheng’s thoughts back. He said abruptly, “I think if Director Zhang makes a personal trip, it will not fully prove our sincerity towards purchasing the piece of land. I will need to make the trip there myself.”


Everyone present was taken aback when they heard this and they all turned to stare at Yan Rusheng.

The head of the business development department who mentioned the inspection trip smiled and looked at Yan Rusheng. He said, “President, the purpose of this upcoming trip is only for an inspection, it is not yet certain whether we want that piece of land.”

Yan Rusheng replied, “If that’s the case, then all the more reason for me to go. I will inspect the land to review if there is any value for us to develop that land. If there isn’t, we’ll be making a loss if we purchase it.”

Everyone felt that a piece of land in the countryside that was worth a mere tens of millions of yuan wasn’t important enough for the distinguished President of Flourish & Prosper to be present at the initial inspection.

But as the company’s President, he only wanted the best for the company. He wanted to be involved in all business matters regardless of the scale, they should be grateful for this.

“President Yan’s reasons make sense too.”

Those who had previously felt that the piece of land wasn’t important enough for the director of the department to make the trip personally had now switched sides. All nodded in unison and agreed with what Yan Rusheng had said.

Wen Xuxu sat quietly in a corner and didn’t express her opinion.

In her heart, Yan Rusheng’s ways were unpredictable and he didn’t play by the rules. Hence, wanting to make the arduous journey of traveling to inspect a piece of land that was worth tens of millions of yuan wasn’t anything shocking.

“President Yan, when would you like to set off?” asked the head of the business development department.

“The first day of the month, so today,” Yan Rusheng replied without hesitation. “We shall set off today.”

When everyone heard him, they all had the same thought: This Third Master Yan was really efficient and driven during work.

He meant what he’d said—without delay.

“Secretary Wen, book four flight tickets to Haicheng City without further ado.” Yan Rusheng turned his head to look at Wen Xuxu. “You have two hours to head home to pack your belongings and accompany me to Haicheng City.”

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

Why was the big boss in such a hurry?

She raised her wrist to read the time, it was 10 a.m.

“Oh,” she replied and she took out her cell phone to book the tickets.

There were three missed calls from Jiang Zhuoheng.

She recalled that Jiang Zhuoheng was supposed to be back today at 7 p.m.

When she mentioned that Yan Rusheng wouldn’t let her apply for leave, he chose another flight. His arrival was two hours after she was supposed to finish work so that she had enough time to pick him up at the airport.

There wasn’t any reason to reject him so she could only agree. They had confirmed their plans last night via text.

Man proposes and god disposes. Who could have known that she’d have to go on an impromptu work trip with Yan Rusheng? Regarding the promise to pick him up, she had no choice but to stand him up.

Ah Heng, I’m sorry. Yan Rusheng is bringing me on a work trip to Haicheng City today. I won’t be able to pick you up, I’ll treat you as an apology.

She quickly sent Jiang Zhuoheng a text.

Yan Rusheng shot a glance at her and a crafty, sly smile flashed in his eyes. His lips curled upwards; he was feeling pleased.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, the air stewardess notified everyone that the airplane was getting ready for takeoff and reminded everyone to switch off their cell phones.

The handsome man stared at the text he’d just received before switching off his cell phone. He couldn’t help but give a forced smile.

Yan Rusheng, three years were enough!