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“District Head Liu, are the guests here?”

The girl’s gaze was directed at Wen Xuxu and the rest. When she looked at Yan Rusheng, astonishment quickly flashed through her beautiful eyes.

She forgot to retract her gaze and it stayed fixated on the aloof yet gorgeous features for a period of time.

His gorgeous face was indeed a curse!

Wen Xuxu glanced coldly at Yan Rusheng; his handsome face was still a little pale. As a result, he looked as if he had lost weight.

A peculiar feeling swept past her heart and the softest part inside her felt like it was being touched by something.

Yan Rusheng instinctively felt Wen Xuxu looking at him, and he turned his head abruptly, catching her off guard.

She immediately panicked, not knowing where to look.

Yan Rusheng’s lips suddenly curled upwards and a wicked grin appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Wen Xuxu felt that he could see through her completely and she clenched her fists, feeling uneasy.

Damn it, she thought she was already immune to his devilish face after so many years. To her surprise, staring at his face had left her in a daze.

“Wen Xuxu, stop daydreaming.”

Yan Rusheng bent his body and inched closer to Wen Xuxu.

She was forced to move backward. “Ahhh…?”

Xuxu’s heartbeat quickly started racing and a rosy tinge appeared on her fair cheeks. Her guilty eyes wandered around trying to escape and she refrained from looking into Yan Rusheng’s eyes.

She felt uneasy as she mulled over the meaning of his words.

“A gaze can’t kill a person.” Yan Rusheng’s waist was almost bent to a 90-degree angle before he stopped. He displayed a victorious posture as he looked at Xuxu, taking his time to say, “You… must be filled with hatred towards me, right?”

What was that supposed to mean?

Wen Xuxu did not understand and blinked her eyes.

Why should she hate him?

Yan Rusheng didn’t answer and instead straightened his back and his tall body back to an upright position. His long legs strode forward as he entered through the door of the Five Star hotel.

The second he entered, a strong fragrance assailed his nose. It was from the burning incense in the fragrance hall and he couldn’t escape in time.

He knitted his eyebrows severely and used his hands to disperse the air in front of him. Pinching his nose, he turned his head to give Wen Xuxu a meaningful look.

Wen Xuxu was still in a daze and she didn’t notice him looking at her. She hurried inside.

She smiled as she walked towards the girl who came down the stairs. “Where are our rooms?”

“Oh.” The girl pulled back her gaze from Yan Rusheng’s face and looked at Wen Xuxu, momentarily embarrassed.

She pointed at the stairs with her hand and said, “It’s upstairs, let me lead the way.”

Wen Xuxu nodded. “Sure thing.”

She followed the girl with Yan Rusheng behind her. District Head Liu, the business development director and the rest brought up the rear.

Once they were upstairs, the girl brought them to the first room after turning left at the corridor. She opened the door and pointed towards the interior of the room. She introduced it to them by saying, “This is the deluxe room, which has a bathroom with a bathtub.”

Then she turned around and pointed at the rest of the rooms. “The other rooms don’t have any bathrooms but there are shared bathrooms in front and in the middle.”

After he heard her, Yan Rusheng lifted his legs and went into the deluxe room without any hesitation.

“I’m going to rest for a while, don’t bother me unnecessarily.”

He instructed them with his back facing the group, all four pair of eyes looking at him as he turned around and shut the door.

After ignoring them all, he left them standing outside his room without a second thought.

There was only one deluxe room and Wen Xuxu knew that he wasn’t the type who would decline it. It was already beneath his dignity and status to be here, and he was already furious that he wasn’t staying at a five-star hotel. If they didn’t give him the deluxe room and he had to use a shared bathroom in the middle of the night, he would have gone bonkers after one night.

However, District Head Liu was still here, so shouldn’t he show him some respect? He should have at least greeted him.

The girl led them to the rest of the rooms in a proper order. Wen Xuxu chose the room that was next to Yan Rusheng.

The room size was about 20 square meters and had a bed, a computer desk, and a simple wardrobe. The walls were decorated with countryside style wallpaper; the bedsheets and blankets had the same style too.

There were two windows at the front and back which were wide open. A strong breeze entered, causing the white curtains to flutter briskly. A wind chime hung in the middle of the room and it was strung together with sea stars and conches in different sizes.

She liked it very much. After she greeted District Head Liu and the rest, she eagerly dragged her luggage into the room.

There wasn’t a Simmons mattress on the 1.5 meters bed. Instead, there was only a thin padding covering it which felt a little hard.

She knocked on the bed plank with her fist and pressed her lips together.

The bed was hard and stiff—she wondered if the young master would be alright.