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Director Zhang and his secretary had a good sleep in their respective rooms too.

Everyone reconvened in the evening when it was time for dinner.

The dinner place was at this hotel as well.

There was a huge courtyard at the back and it had many different varieties of tropical flowers and plants. There were four dining tables, each propped with a large green umbrella.

Wen Xuxu was the first to arrive. She chose the first table on the right and sat down.

Director Zhang and District Head Liu all arrived, one after another.

Yan Rusheng was late.

He’d changed into a new outfit—a white t-shirt with light gray three-quarter slacks. His usual gloominess was missing, and he looked as if sunbeams were shining on him. From top to toe, he radiated a youthful vibe.

He had transformed from an overbearing President to a boy with a cheerful and sunny disposition.

The glow from the sunset shone on half of his face, the light reflected in his charming peach blossom-shaped eyes. Time flickered and just like ripples in the water, they sparkled.

Men were jealous of his looks while the ladies were mesmerized by him.

Xiaoling, who had led them to their rooms earlier, came out of the kitchen with a notepad and pen. The minute she caught sight of Yan Rusheng, her tanned cheeks instantly flushed crimson and looked as if blood had rushed up to her face.

Xuxu watched and observed the whole situation and she glanced teasingly at Yan Rusheng. His hands were hidden in the pockets of his slacks as he slowly walked over.

He went straight to the seat next to Xuxu and sat down. He had probably showered as his body was emitting the mild and faint scent of body soap.

After he sat down, he stared at Wen Xuxu. “The bed is too hard, what kind of horrible hotel is this?”

Sure enough… She knew his precious body wouldn’t be able to get used to the stiff bed. Xuxu gave a light reply, “I know. I’ll put a quilt on your bed later, so that it’ll be more comfortable.”

“Which dish prices would you like to order?” Xiaoling walked over as she asked. She looked at Yan Rusheng and her crystal-clear eyes seemed to ripple, reflecting her racing heartbeat.

It looked like this girl had grown up on this island and had never seen a handsome man before. Her actions were flustered and she didn’t seem to know what to do after seeing such a good-looking man.

In her heart, Wen Xuxu pondered and the lingering smile on her lips was thought-provoking.

“Isn’t there a menu?” Yan Rusheng raised his head and asked Xiaoling.

Xiaoling shook her head timidly. “No… No.”

She realized that Yan Rusheng’s expression was darkening and she hastened to explain. “Our menu goes according to the prices per table. The prices are $198, $298, and $398.”

She gradually lowered her head and tightly held the pen in her hand, looking nervous.

Wen Xuxu raised her head and looked warmly at Xiaoling. “We’ll have the $398 meal.”

“Sure thing.” Xiaoling turned to Wen Xuxu and the anxiety in her eyes dissipated. She gave her a faint and shy smile.

She wrote their order with the pen and nodded slightly with a smile. “Please wait.”

Wen Xuxu sat down and performed the usual routine when they dined out—disinfect the cutlery and cups with boiling water.

She did this regardless of how grand or high-class the hotel or restaurant was.

“Secretary Wen is really attentive and thoughtful.”

District Head Liu observed Wen Xuxu’s actions and praised her with a smile.

Wen Xuxu raised her head and smiled graciously at him.

She’d been with Yan Rusheng long enough and had gotten used to hearing such praises and compliments. Hence she was able to handle it easily and graciously.

Yan Rusheng glanced at her and sneered.

She always pretended to be gentle and virtuous in front of others, but in private she wasn’t ladylike at all.

Wen Xuxu tightly pressed her lips and brushed off his look with a smile.

Anyway, he saw her as someone with no redeemable qualities and he couldn’t stand her at all.

The sky steadily darkened. The whole courtyard had colorful lanterns at the corners and there was a massive lamp hanging in the center which illuminated the entire courtyard.

Dinner was served and the whole table was filled with local delicacies. It was mainly seafood dishes with fish, prawns, scallops and more. There were six seafood dishes and two types of vegetables.

Yan Rusheng was pleasantly surprised to see the eight dishes served.

He held his chopsticks and took a prawn. He looked at it carefully, put the prawn near his nose and sniffed it.

He stuffed it in his mouth and then continued to eat mouthfuls of rice and vegetables. Although he was famished, his actions were still graceful.

District Head Liu saw that he was enjoying the food and felt more relieved.

“President Yan, are you satisfied with the room you’re staying in?”