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Decades of hardship had left visible traces on his wrinkled face. He smiled pleasantly and looked at him with anticipation.

If a gleam of satisfaction were to appear on Yan Rusheng’s cold-looking face, he wouldn’t dream of receiving a smile in return.

He had a perpetual stony expression on his face, hence District Head Liu would have to choose his words carefully. Especially during the discussion regarding the investment.

Yan Rusheng didn’t bother to raise his head and coldly replied, “Dissatisfied.”

“…” District Head Liu began to sweat.

He didn’t expect Yan Rusheng to give such a blunt reply and without taking into consideration how the other party would feel.

His reply was completely different from what was written in the script. How would he be able to continue reciting the scripted lines that he’d prepared in advance?

Director Zhang and his secretary were sitting opposite to them and they heard Yan Rusheng’s stony reply. They lowered their heads and their mouths twitched quietly.

Yan Rusheng was well known for his arrogance, aloofness and his malicious tongue. At every executive meeting, his words made some of the executives turn red with shame. Some even wished that they could jump out the window.

District Head Liu was experienced in dealing with political matters and yet he couldn’t even read facial expressions. He had failed to notice that the big boss had been frowning in disapproval the second he got off the car.

Yet he still had the courage to ask if he was satisfied. Surely he wasn’t expecting Third Master Yan to exchange pleasantries with him and say yes?

If that were the case, then he should just head home to ‘take a good look in the mirror’ to determine if he was respectable enough.

Wen Xuxu wasn’t surprised at all. She knew what Yan Rusheng’s answer would be.

Holding her bowl, she finished her rice with the two unidentified vegetables.

After finishing her first bowl, she took the ladle and was about to scoop up more rice.

Yan Rusheng looked at her disdainfully and asked, “Can’t you be mindful of your own image?”

A woman eating so much rice at night and furthermore, it was with a table full of people. She looked as if he’d been mistreating her.

Wen Xuxu’s hand paused as she held the ladle.

Instantly, she lowered her eyes dejectedly.

She ignored Yan Rusheng and scooped up a bowl of rice in a resolute manner. She bent her head and ate her rice with composure.

Sitting on the opposite side, District Head Liu observed the pair, a streak of shrewdness in his clouded eyes.

This aloof president may treat his secretary coldly as well, but he certainly pays close attention to her, he thought in his heart.

He even noticed that she was about to eat an extra bowl of rice.

Right away, District Head Liu had an idea.

“I’ve eaten my fill. President Yan, please enjoy your dinner.” Wen Xuxu finished her second serving of rice and put down the empty bowl. She smiled and greeted District Head Liu and the rest, then left the table.

The sea breeze at night was stronger and there was a considerable difference in temperature between day and night.

Wen Xuxu took a short stroll on the beach and returned to her room when she started feeling cold.

She switched on the lights and saw the neatly folded quilt on the bed. She recalled Yan Rusheng’s admonishment.

After deliberating for a while, she walked to the bed, carried the quilt and left the room.