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She told him how she’d felt when she saw the snake.

Yan Rusheng’s throat felt parched and he unconsciously raised his hands to embrace the woman hanging onto his body.

His brain… was losing control.

His heart was beating with loud ‘thumps’ , and it felt as if it was trying to escape through his skin.

Wen Xuxu’s face was lying on his chest at this moment. Hence she could clearly feel Yan Rusheng’s heartbeat and it seemed unusual.

She realized that their current positions were too intimate. She released her hands and moved back from his body.

But she didn’t dare to look down, afraid that the snake might be underneath her feet.

“Ah Sheng, is the snake gone?” She looked at Yan Rusheng and asked in a trembling voice.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes sparkled for a moment and he narrowed his eyes to look at Xuxu’s tiny face which was no bigger than a palm.

It felt like he was examining her features, and yet at the same time, it seemed like he was reminiscing as well.

The gaze was too sharp and intense and it made Wen Xuxu feel apprehensive. She asked softly, “Wh…what’s wrong?”

Why was he looking at her with that expression?

Was he angry at her for hugging him when she was afraid just now?

Wen Xuxu felt uneasy as she tried to interpret Yan Rusheng’s thoughts.

His cold voice sounded from above.

“I don’t mind if you address me as either Yan Rusheng or Third Yan in the future.”

After saying so, he lifted his legs and coldly walked past Xuxu.

In that instant, Wen Xuxu felt that her insides were being ripped apart by Yan Rusheng’s words. It felt so painful that she gasped for breath and she quivered as she breathed.

Her hands hung loosely by her thighs. She clenched her fists and dug her fingers into her flesh.

“Sorry!” She replied with equal coldness.

In future, she would never again address him wrongly in a moment of confusion. He didn’t remind her and so she’d forgotten.

Ever since that day, that affectionate nickname had belonged solely to Fang Jiayin.

Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps and glanced at her from the corners of his eyes. Xuxu had on an indifferent expression and she looked at him with neither inferiority nor superiority.

As he’d said, no matter how hurtful the words may be, it could never hurt Wen Xuxu who was as tough as a man.

Both of them continued their descent in silence and when they reached the foot of the mountain, a problem arose.

The boat was missing!

The spot they were at was about 200 meters away from the shore. If they were to swim across, with Wen Xuxu’s stamina she’d never make it across.

Their cell phones were on the wooden boat and they had no way of contacting someone.

Yan Rusheng found a rock and sat down. He looked at the other side of the shore and was deep in thought as he frowned.


Wen Xuxu’s sneeze brought Yan Rusheng’s attention back to her.

She walked to his opposite side and found a rock to sit on. She glanced at him with a cold and detached look in her eyes. “If you can swim across then you should swim back first. I’ll wait here for you to get help.”

“If someone should swim across, that person should be you. Why should it be me?” Yan Rusheng looked at the indifferent look in Xuxu’s eyes. Her current expression was a far cry from the gentle and pitiful expression she’d had on earlier when she was leaning on his body.