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I don’t mind if you address me as either Yan Rusheng or Third Yan in future.

Yan Rusheng’s harsh and cold reminder flashed through her mind.

She used both hands to cover her face, feeling a stinging pain in her eyes.

Your name is Xuxu and I am Rusheng. If we put our names together it will be’xuxurusheng’ 1 I don’t want to be associated with you in any way, so don’t call me Rusheng or don’t call yourself Xuxu.

Who wants to be associated with you? Then in future I shall call you Ah Sheng just like how I call Ah Heng.

Ah Sheng… Ah Sheng…

“Hey Wen Xuxu, you’re still running a high fever. Don’t sleep here.”

Wen Xuxu fell asleep while she was in the midst of reminiscing about those youthful memories.

There was a familiar voice in her ear calling her name. She opened her eyes drowsily and a blurry face appeared.

Who was that? Such a gentle voice, it could only be Ah Heng. When she was unwell, Ah Heng was the only one who spoke to her in a soft and gentle voice.

“Ah Heng, Ah Heng, is that you?” She stretched her hands and grabbed his arm. There was a warm smile on her face and her eyes shone with glittering and translucent tears.

Her burning hands held firmly to his arm and he felt his heart clench. However, he was crestfallen when he heard her addressing him as Ah Heng.

“Wen Xuxu, Jiang Zhuoheng has abandoned you. Where has your pride gone off to?” Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth in anger and withdrew his arm from Wen Xuxu’s grasp.

“Yan Rusheng?” Wen Xuxu finally recognized his voice in that moment and woke up from her stupor.

She opened her eyes to look at Yan Rusheng’s face and she was a little shocked.

Yan Rusheng had straightened his back and he towered over her with his eyes peering down. He seemed like an ice statue emitting a threatening draught of cold air.

When he saw Xuxu’s gaze looking at him, his lips curled. He remarked tauntingly, “Why? Were you hoping for Jiang Zhuoheng to surprise you by appearing on this island?”

This stupid woman was too naive. Did she think that she was acting in an idol drama?

Wen Xuxu was used to his taunts and sarcasm and curled her lips indifferently. She didn’t respond, instead she turned to look at the water.

A wooden boat was by the shore.

“Get on the boat,” Yan Rusheng commanded her and he jumped in first.

The boat swayed violently. Xuxu put her foot forward. but she was hesitant to board. She wanted to wait for the swaying to die down a little before getting on.

However, Yan Rusheng promptly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the boat with force.

“Stop dawdling and get on.”

Wen Xuxu grabbed Yan Rusheng’s hand in shock and looked at the boat. When the boat had stopped swaying, she released his hand, found a suitable spot and gingerly sat down.

After she sat down, she propped up her cheek with one hand and looked at Yan Rusheng who was rowing the boat opposite to her. She asked him curiously, “Where did you get this boat?”

The fishermen had mistaken them as thieves earlier on. Hence, even if the fishermen chose not to chase and hit them, they definitely wouldn’t lend them a boat.