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“Why do you care so much?” Yan Rusheng crudely replied. His chin was slightly lifted and he seemed to look both arrogant and awkward at the same time.

Wen Xuxu didn’t look carefully at Yan Rusheng’s expression and withdrew her gaze.

She thought in her heart, Why should she care so much? Yan Rusheng always finds a way to get what he wants. It wouldn’t be surprising if he got an airplane to fly here.

As she thought of this, she turned around and sat facing the same direction as Yan Rusheng.

The boat sailed slowly towards the shore—Xuxu couldn’t wait to get down.

Her feet stood in the warm seawater where the sunlight had shone on. She bent her waist and scooped some water to splash on her burning face.

It felt especially refreshing!

Yan Rusheng dragged the boat onto the shore and the ‘sha sha’ sounds could be heard when the base of the boat rubbed against the sand on the beach.

Wen Xuxu turned her head and saw Yan Rusheng holding the edges of the boat. The expression on his gorgeous face now looked ferociously distorted.

Pulling the boat seemed to have been too strenuous for him. She grew suspicious and started to wonder. For someone as fit and strong as Yan Rusheng, pulling a small wooden boat wouldn’t require a lot of strength, would it?

She was lost in her thoughts when an elderly lady wearing a blue shirt and a huge grass hat on her head came out from the direction of the coconut forest and walked towards them.

Her mouth was uttering words, probably in the local dialect which Wen Xuxu couldn’t comprehend.

She frowned with curiosity and shock.

She was curious about what the elderly lady was saying to Yan Rusheng. She was shocked when Yan Rusheng’s expression grew annoyed and helpless.

When did he get to know this elderly lady? How did they know each other?

The elderly lady walked to Yan Rusheng and she pointed at the coconut forest with one hand, the other on her waist. She seemed to be yelling at Yan Rusheng about something.

That voice was quite a distance away and yet it was deafening.

“I know, I’ll do it right away.” Yan Rusheng let go of the boat, straightened his back and walked unwillingly towards the direction of the coconut forest.

What was happening?

Wen Xuxu followed Yan Rusheng curiously. “President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng paused and stared at her in anger. “Hurry up and go back to eat your medicine. Do you want to die of a fever?”

“Oh,” Wen Xuxu replied and halted her footsteps. But she couldn’t stop worrying as she looked at Yan Rusheng. “But you…”

Yan Rusheng cut off the question she was about to ask. “I asked you to head back first, why are you saying ‘but’?”

Tsk, alright… she’ll go back first then. Why did he have to lose his temper? Did he accidentally swallow some explosives when they were looking for the boat on the shore?

In Wen Xuxu’s heart, she was mumbling about the criticisms she couldn’t voice out loud. She gave him a curt reply, “Alright, I know.”

She raised her feet and continued to walk towards the coconut forest.

“Didn’t you hear me asking you to go back first?” Yan Rusheng’s yells seemed like a ticking bomb which was aimed at Wen Xuxu. This time around, his tone was more irritable.

Wen Xuxu stopped and glanced at him innocently. “I’m heading back. Didn’t we walk through the coconut forest just now?”