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Her head felt heavy and she shook her head gently, feeling slightly better after.

She raised her head to look at the IV drip stand with the empty bottles. She looked down at her hand which had been secured with medical tape—she should already be done with the IV drip.

She could only recall running out of the coconut forest. She couldn’t remember anything else after that. Who sent her to the hospital?

Knock knock knock.

Xuxu was in a state of confusion when someone knocked on the ward’s door. She looked at it and said, “Come in.”

Someone turned the doorknob and gently pushed the door open. A head peered in first and there was a fawning smile on an old, portly face.

“Secretary Wen.”

Wen Xuxu saw the visitor and was surprised. “District Head Liu…?”

“Secretary Wen, are you feeling better?” District Head Liu pushed the door and entered. He was holding a basket of fruits as he walked towards her with a face full of concern.

He approached the bedside and bowed to Wen Xuxu with a humble attitude.

Wen Xuxu didn’t understand his actions. Shouldn’t this old fellow be fawning over Yan Rusheng? Why was he here to curry favor with her?

“District Head Liu, where are President Yan and the rest?”

She wanted to know how she got to the hospital and what time it was right now. Why didn’t she see any familiar face around?

That Yan Rusheng didn’t take Director Zhang and the rest of them back first and left her behind on this island, did he?

As she wondered about this possibility, she began to feel uneasy.

She had nothing with her right now since she’d left her phone and purse on that wooden boat. If Yan Rusheng did leave her alone here, what should she do?

The reason why she thought of this possible scenario was because she knew Yan Rusheng too well. It was very likely that he’d do something like this.

They were at a summer camp in their second year of high school. He purposely didn’t wake her up when she overslept in the morning and he left alone.

District Head Liu smiled and replied, “President Yan is likely still exhausted from carrying you all the way back. He’s resting at the hotel right now.”

Wen Xuxu was stunned after hearing his words and she raised her head. Yan Rusheng was the one who sent her to the hospital? And he carried her…

It was unbelievable, but District Head Liu didn’t look like he was lying.

Did Yan Rusheng eat the wrong medicine today?

“Secretary Wen, these locally grown fruits are all freshly plucked.” District Head Liu placed the fruit basket on the bedside cabinet and tore the outer wrapper. He took a banana, peeled the skin and then handed it to Wen Xuxu with both hands.

His fawning smile remained unchanged.

Wen Xuxu looked at the banana in District Head Liu’s hands and her mouth twitched silently.

Did District Head Liu eat the wrong medicine as well?

His service was way too considerate and attentive.

He was so enthusiastic that she would feel bad if she rejected his offer. Furthermore, she was feeling hungry. After debating it for a few seconds, she took the banana and smiled. “Thank you, District Head Liu.”

She fixed her eyes on the banana for a while, awkwardly opened her mouth and took the first bite.