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The image of a helpless and disheveled-looking Yan Rusheng plucking coconuts in the coconut forest appeared in Wen Xuxu’s mind. It was hilarious and adorable and… made her heart ache.

She couldn’t help it as the corners of her mouth curled up.

She grabbed the doorknob, twisted it and gently opened the door.

Yan Rusheng was lying lazily on his bed and a laptop was placed on his legs. His eyes were fixated on the laptop screen and he was in the middle of a video call.

He raised his head, glanced at Xuxu and he furrowed his eyebrows. His lethargy was gone in an instant as he pulled himself together and put on his usual cold and grim expression.

Both of them had been competing in various fields ever since they were young. Young Master Yan had only ever displayed the impregnable and aloof side of him in front of Xuxu.

There had once been an incident in kindergarten where she had knocked him down and then beat him up badly. When he cried on his way home to complain, she put a hand on her waist and pointed the other one at his nose, scolding him for being a frightened weakling. After that incident, he felt that the disgrace of being humiliated and despised by a young village girl in front of his classmates should never happen again. Having experienced it once was enough.

Since then, he’d set two rules for himself. In front of Wen Xuxu, he can bend his p*nis but not his waist. Secondly, he can bleed but he can never let himself cry.

So even when he fell from a tree and broke one of his ribs, he’d never once shed a tear.

He’d remained firm and determined for nearly twenty years.

As the years passed, he had constantly surpassed her even to this day, where she was now his subordinate and had to bow before him.

Oh no, this stupid woman didn’t surrender willingly because he’d defeated her. She entered Flourish & Prosper to fulfill Wang Daqin’s wishes. He was certain that if it wasn’t for Wang Daqin, she would never have stayed at Flourish & Prosper and let him order her around.

This was the reason why his satisfaction and his desire to conquer had not yet reached its culmination.

Therefore… before she fully surrendered to him, how could he easily give her up to reconcile with her dearly missed first love and lead a blissful life?

An image flashed past the Third Master’s mind—Wen Xuxu in a white gown with her hand on Jiang Zhuoheng’s arm. The couple entered, accompanied by the wedding march as they walked down a red carpet. Xuxu was smiling with happiness and bliss.

Oh! That image made him feel horrible—he would never allow it to happen!

He had never forgotten how she’d pointed at him with that arrogant expression, just like a shrew.

With this thought, Yan Rusheng’s gaze went back to the laptop screen and he said decisively, “Book a ticket for Secretary Wen too, I’m bringing her along.”

Wen Xuxu raised her eyebrows in shock. Where was he bringing her?

Before she could open her mouth, Yan Rusheng’s cold voice sounded once more.

“Wen Xuxu, fly with me to S City tomorrow.”

His tone was dictatorial and commanding.

S City!

Hearing the name of the city, Xuxu’s expression changed. She felt like something was tugging at her heart.

Dejection swept over her, and her eyes were downcast. She lowered her head and replied softly, “Oh.”

She swallowed back the words ‘thank you’, which she had almost voiced out.

Yan Rusheng fully observed the change in her expression and felt displeased.

True enough, when she heard that she’d be going to S City with him, she immediately displayed a lifeless expression.

Hmph. Thinking of rushing back to reunite and reconcile with her first love, that will never happen!

“Pack your things, we’ll set off for the airport in a while.”

After instructing her, he withdrew his gaze.