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And bringing her along was immoral, who knew what he was up to?

Wen Xuxu unleashed a tirade of criticisms in her heart. After a while, she smiled and said to Jiang Zhuoheng, “Ah Heng, I’ll be traveling to Country F but I’ll be back soon. When I return, I’ll give you a proper treat to welcome you back.”

“You’re both going to Country F?” Jiang Zhuoheng seemed to recall something and narrowed his eyes with suspicion. “Going to S City?”

Wen Xuxu nodded. “Mm.”

An icy look flickered in Jiang Zhuoheng’s eyes. He looked at Yan Rusheng and his tone became cold. “I heard that Fang Jiayin is in S city, are you going to look for her?”

A chilling look flashed past Yan Rusheng’s eyes as well and he raised his eyebrows in displeasure. “Jiang Zhuoheng, what was that tone you just used?”

To his surprise, Jiang Zhuoheng had questioned him.

Did he, Yan Rusheng, need to report to him his whereabouts or what his plans were?

“Rusheng, as your friend, I would like to borrow Xuxu for a few days.” Jiang Zhuoheng put his hands on Wen Xuxu’s shoulders and looked at him with a faint smile. “I don’t know if that’s possible.”

Yan Rusheng responded with a curt finality, “No, you can’t.”

He didn’t even bother to give him a reason, and simply said no.

Respecting another person’s dignity—he could take that into consideration when he was in a good mood. If he wasn’t, no one could make him change his mind.

And now, he wasn’t in a good mood.

The atmosphere was a little awkward and cold, Wen Xuxu was afraid that Jiang Zhuoheng would really fall out with Yan Rusheng because of her.

She hastily put on a smile to ease the tension. “Ah Heng, I’ll be back soon.”

At this moment, there was no doubt that Yan Rusheng would never agree to let her leave with Jiang Zhuoheng. There wasn’t a need for them to argue about it.

Anyway, he wouldn’t be leaving after his return this time. There would be plenty of time for them to meet and catch up with each other.

“Remember to contact me once you’re there.” Jiang Zhuoheng lowered his head and kissed her gently on her forehead. However, his eyes were blazing with coldness.

Xuxu, you should have been cherished and tenderly loved.

Wen Xuxu looked down and nodded lightly.

Jiang Zhuoheng stuffed his hands into the pockets of his slacks and watched as Wen Xuxu entered the boarding gate. There was an unfathomable expression in his deep and slender eyes.

Before Wen Xuxu turned around a corner, she glanced back.

At the same time, Yan Rusheng witnessed it.

He looked at her and sneered. “Since you can’t bear to part with him, why didn’t he bring you along with him to study abroad in the first place?”

Wen Xuxu spun around to glare at him. “Yan Rusheng, do you think I didn’t want to?”

After responding, she gritted her teeth and hurried to board the plane.

Earlier, she had nearly exploded with the hidden emotions she’d been enduring for a long time.

“Hmph, what’s the use of thinking?”

He watched as Xuxu stomped away in anger, feeling furious himself.

She had looked at Jiang Zhuoheng with tenderness and love and had been so gentle.

When she was with him, she flew into a tantrum right away. Why?

She was his secretary and rightfully he should bring her with him on work trips. This was within her job scope, what right did she have to lose her temper?

Even if she was with another company, would the boss grant her leave to go on dates?

The moment Wen Xuxu boarded the plane, she wore an eye mask and neck pillow to sleep with.

She hadn’t eaten anything in more than ten hours.

The airplane landed just as it was beginning to get dark in S City.

The second they stepped out of the arrival gate, a Caucasian man in a black suit welcomed them with a smile.

He came to them and bowed respectfully, then introduced himself, “Young Master, I am Venars. Miss Mu Li sent me to pick you up.”

He had golden locks, blue eyes, and a sharp nose, but he could speak Chinese fluently.

When he finished his introduction, he extended his hand towards a black limousine by the roadside. “This way please, Young Master.”

Miss Mu Li…