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Wen Xuxu finally reacted, unfastened her seatbelt and opened the car door.

“Where is Xuxu, Xuxu ah…”

A beautiful lady dressed fashionably rushed out of the house. When she saw Yan Rusheng, her footsteps quickened excitedly, wishing that she could fly instead.

At first, Yan Rusheng was feeling a little pleased inside his heart. However, when the beautiful lady opened her mouth, his handsome face fell immediately.

She wasn’t eagerly looking forward to his arrival but instead, it was that stupid woman.

He sneered at Wen Xuxu who just got off the car and he was extremely displeased.

“Aunt Mu.” Wen Xuxu sprinted towards the beautiful lady.

The two of them hugged each other naturally when they met.

“Good girl, let me see if you grew taller.” Mu Li patted Wen Xuxu’s back, her smile and tone were both brimming with affection.

She gently pushed her away and surveyed her from head to toe.

“Aunt Mu, I’m already more than 20 years old. How can I possibly grow any taller?” Wen Xuxu looked at Mu Li’s face and she was so happy that she could hardly close her mouth. “But undeniably, you are getting younger and prettier indeed.”

It wasn’t exaggerated at all.

If she didn’t mention anything, no one would be able to guess that this gorgeous lady in front of her was already over 40 years old.

The perfect oval-shaped face was still taut and firm and her eyebrows were shaped like slender willow leaves. She had a sharp nose and a pair of crystal clear peach blossom-shaped eyes that could captivate anyone if she blinks.

If anyone were to ask why Yan Rusheng so good-looking, they would know the answer after seeing his mother.

As he watched Wen Xuxu and Mu Li being so affectionate, Yan Rusheng felt that even his eyebrows and eyes were a hindrance.

He frowned and spoke impatiently, “Miss Mu Li, can you explain to me exactly what’s going on?”

Mu Li turned to look at her son and asked puzzledly, “What do you mean by what’s going on?”

Yan Rusheng crossed his arms. “Why have you reverted your identity back to Miss Mu Li again?”

“I’m single, if I’m not Miss Mu Li then am I an elderly woman?” Mu Li raised her voice. “In future, you’re not allowed to call me Mom in front of outsiders.”


Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng shrieked at the same time, their eyes opened wide.

“But no, have you both settled the matter already?” Third Master Yan was no longer calm as his hand grabbed Madam Mu Li.

It was a little unbelievable.

The two of them had spent half of their lives together, how could they be so rash and reckless?

Mu Li raised her chin and mumbled in response, “I have been enduring that old fellow for the past few years.”

She sounded as if she’d done everything that she could possibly do.

Yan Rusheng stared at her wordlessly. “He’s older than you by just two years.”

She just tried to rely on her youthful and gorgeous face to pass off as someone younger. How shameful!

Mu Li curled her lips. “You seem like your dad.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless. “That’s just being mature and steady.”

That was his dad, alright?

“He was so naggy,” Madam Mu Li continued to highlight her ex-husband’s flaws.

“Hmph!” Yan Rusheng sneered in reply. “If he didn’t nag at you, did you expect him to nag at someone else?”

“Are you here today to stand up for him?” Mu Li was getting impatient and she raised her head to stare at her son. “It’s alright if he looks old and I can tolerate it even if he’s a little naggy. However, he didn’t know his own limitations and got himself a mistress. I won’t tolerate that.”

That was the final blow which had led to her being single once again.

She didn’t despise him and he should be grateful and thank his lucky stars. Instead, he followed the trend of having other women on the side. If she could tolerate this, what couldn’t be tolerated?!

Yan Rusheng spoke gently, “He said that you were mistaken and he wants to explain.”