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“The mistress already found her way here, and he still denied it.” Mu Li was overwhelmed with agitation and the pitch of her naturally became higher.

She rolled up her sleeves, put a hand on her waist and pointed the other one towards the courtyard entrance. She hollered at Yan Rusheng, “Get lost!”

To her surprise, this wretched kid had actually believed that old man’s lies. And he was even speaking up for him.

It gave her a headache and broke her heart.

“Aunt Mu, gracefulness!” Wen Xuxu held Mu Li’s elbow and whispered in her ear to remind her. “You said that girls have to be graceful.”

She used to fight with Yan Rusheng frequently in the past and returned home covered in dirt.

When Aunt Mu helped her to shower, she would always say this: “Xuxu, girls have to be graceful and elegant. Don’t engage in physical fights.”

She was too young at that time to understand what being graceful meant.

She finished her sentence and furtively cast a meaningful glance to stop him from continuing.

Even though she didn’t understand what Aunt Mu Li meant by being single right now, but she could tell that she was currently fuming.

To advise her at this time would be tantamount to adding fuel to the fire.

“Xuxu is right.” Madam Mu Li’s hand brushed her curly long hair and raised her chin slightly. She took her time and said, “I won’t lower myself to you and your father’s level.”

In a split second, she transformed from a common shrew to a dignified and elegant noblewoman.

Yan Rusheng looked at her and smiled helplessly. His eyes were filled with affection.

He took a step towards her and held her elbow, pacifying her softly, “Grandmother’s blood pressure rose because of you two. Let’s not argue anymore, alright?”

It had been a long while since he had spoken so gently.

Wen Xuxu involuntarily looked in his direction and noticed a helpless smile at the corners of his mouth.

Unexpectedly, she thought about what she’d seen yesterday at the Five Star Hotel in the coastal county. He had faced the laptop screen with the same expression.

Could it be…

She had the wrong idea?

In her heart, the burdensome shackles which had affected her emotions were suddenly unlocked. Her mood became considerably lighter and cheerful.

“When you go back, ask grandma to change that high blood pressure tactic of hers. It’s been used too often.” Mu Li linked hands with Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu on each side.

Her mood improved significantly in an instant.

Wen Xuxu used the opportunity to change the topic. “Aunt Mu, I heard that you’ve personally cooked us a few dishes?”

She looked at Mu Li and her eyes sparkled. She looked as if she could hardly wait to taste the food.

The truth is, she really couldn’t wait. That was because the flight had lasted more than ten hours and she only had a few sips of water. She was famished and it felt like her belly was as flat as her back.

When food was mentioned, her stomach gave her away and growled in protest.

‘Gululu’ sounds could be heard coming from her body. She used her hands to awkwardly cover her stomach. “Haha, I haven’t eaten anything the whole day. I’m starving.”

“You silly child, you should have said earlier that you were starving. It’s nothing embarrassing.” Mu Li raised her hand to lightly knock Xuxu’s head and reprimanded her affectionately.

Wen Xuxu smiled with fondness and nodded.

She thought, But you have to give me a chance to say it first.

The moment they got off the car, the mother and son had been bickering and it had been intense and fiery. If she’d suddenly said “I’m hungry”, that would have been too strange.

“You didn’t eat any food on the flight and now you say you’re hungry?” Yan Rusheng looked at her coldly and sneered. “What a pretense!”

She had always acted cutely as a pampered child and pretended to be pitiful in front of the women in the family. But the women all fell for her antics, their intelligence level must be really low.

He withdrew his hand from Madam Mu Li and entered the house with vigorous strides.