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“Third Yan, what kind of attitude was that?” Mu Li yelled at her son’s cold and haughty back. “Why are you so ungentlemanly?”

She gave him a fierce look of contempt for bullying a girl.

Next, she looked at Wen Xuxu again. Every single action and facial expression had revealed her evident adoration and affection for Xuxu.

“I’ve prepared your favorite sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork ribs, sweet and sour lotus root…”

She had listed many sweet and sour dishes in one breath.

“…” In the beginning, the corners of Wen Xuxu’s mouth merely twitched. Then the tip of her eyebrows began to twitch as well and her expression turned darker.

“Aunt Mu, you’ve remembered wrongly. I hate sweet and sour dishes the most.”

If this person wasn’t Aunt Mu who had doted on her dearly, she would have suspected that she was doing it on purpose.

Ever since she was a kid, she had never eaten sweet and sour dishes. Even Yan Rusheng knew this.

“Hmph? Really?” Mu Li knitted her eyebrows and tried to recall. Suddenly she remembered. “Yes yes yes. I remembered wrongly, you love spicy food.”

As she said this, she smiled apologetically. “I’m so sorry. Look at the words like and dislike, they only have a slight difference of a few letters.”

Wen Xuxu could neither laugh nor cry. It’s true that the words like and dislike only differed by a few letters, but the disparity was huge once you added or took away those letters.

“Aunt Mu Li, it’s alright. You cooked for me personally and I’m very touched.” She held her elbow tightly and the feeling of affection after a long period of absence was back.

She remembered that Aunt Mu Li had never entered the kitchen in the past. She cared greatly about her looks and she said that the smoke from all the cooking would turn her into an old and haggard woman.

Not only had she entered the kitchen now, but she had even learned to cook difficult dishes like sweet and sour pork ribs.

Xuxu saw her in a whole new light.

Mu Li smiled. “It’s alright, I’ll cook again.”

By the time they went through the door, Yan Rusheng had already entered the house, changed into comfortable loungewear and came down from the stairs.

He shot a glance at the two women who looked like mother and daughter, turned around and went to the dining room.

The interior design of the house matched well with the rural and idyllic charm of this country; it was cozy and homely.

It made one feel like staying here after a single glance.

Mu Li sent someone to bring Xuxu upstairs and put away her luggage. Then she could also change into comfortable clothes and proceed downstairs for dinner.

The room was more than 20 square meters in size and it was clean and tidy. The bedsheets and blanket were all in her favorite color.

She could tell that Aunt Mu Li had specially prepared all of it.

She scanned the room and opened her wardrobe to put away her luggage. She saw clothes already hanging inside and the style and colors were suitable for young girls.

This… was prepared for her too?

Xuxu felt so touched that her eyes glistened with tears.

She took out loungewear from her suitcase and changed into them. By the time she went downstairs, Yan Rusheng had started eating.

When he saw Xuxu entering, Yan Rusheng turned to look at her and the corners of his mouth twitched coldly.

Wen Xuxu was perplexed.

Why was he smiling in such a crafty and sinister way?

“Wen Xuxu come over here. Pretty Madam Mu Li made the most delicious sweet and sour pork ribs, sweet and sour fish…”

He pointed at the dishes on the table and introduced them one by one.

This was called gloating at someone’s misfortunes.

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

“Yan Rusheng, shut up.” Mu Li walked out of the kitchen wearing a lovely floral apron and her hands were holding two simple dishes.

She stared at Yan Rusheng and chided him. After she put down the dishes, she was still angry so she knocked him on the head again. “You wretched boy, ever since you were a kid you’ve always bullied Xuxu.”

That was absolutely right. Wen Xuxu gave a thumbs up for Madam Mu Li in her heart.