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When did he say that he didn’t mind this stupid woman?

Alright, he admitted that if Wen Xuxu hadn’t said that she spat rice on the dishes and if Madam Mu Li hadn’t said that sentence, indeed he didn’t think that he would mind.

Whenever she went out, Wen Xuxu always liked to put a water bottle in her bag. If he was thirsty halfway on the road, he would save himself the trouble by drinking from her bottle.

He’d never once thought that he ‘minded’. Like he’d said to Wang Daqin, that stupid woman didn’t have any infectious diseases and neither did she have feces in her mouth. There was no reason for him to mind what she touched.

But this exception only applied to this stupid woman. The women he met outside would try to offer him food with their chopsticks, and he’d never taken a single bite.

He’d never thought of the reason why. It could be from when they were kids… and too innocent to know anything and thus, the habit was formed.

They often shared popsicles, drank from the same glass, and had even bathed together.

Even though his memory of them bathing together was fuzzy, but they did bathe together.

What he did mind was her low intelligence quotient, her poor emotional intelligence, and her character which was as tough as a man. Other than that, the rest was acceptable and she could even be considered as outstanding.

Madam Mu Li had said it in that way, so even if he could eat, he decided not to.

Young Master Yan pondered this in irritation. He put down his chopsticks with a dark expression.

Wen Xuxu watched his actions and turned to Mu Li, her lips twitching. She seemed to say, ‘Look at him, how could this fussy fellow not be looking down on her?’

She insisted on taking the dishes and throwing them away. Then she went to the kitchen, fiddled with the ingredients and was prepared to cook something new.

“Xuxu, don’t bother yourself with this. Let me do it.” Mu Li entered the kitchen and saw Wen Xuxu holding some tomatoes, cucumbers, and beef. She had placed them on the chopping board and was about to slice them up when Mu Li hurriedly pulled her away.

Wen Xuxu refused to put the knife down and turned around with a smile. “Aunt Mu Li, go out and take a rest. Let me display my cooking skills too.”

She finished her sentence and pushed Mu Li out of the kitchen. She was really serious.

Mu Li tried to convince her but in the end, she couldn’t make her change her mind. And so, she let Xuxu have her way.

“Then be careful when you cut the vegetables.”

She turned around to leave and closed the kitchen door gently.

Yan Rusheng was still sitting serenely at his original position, looking as if he didn’t have the slightest intention to leave at all.

When she saw him, Mu Li started fuming again. “You rascal, you have no idea how many times the both of you have tasted each other’s saliva since you were kids. Now that you’ve grown up, you want to start being fussy about it?”

She was still angry and she poked the back of his head forcefully.

This was indeed his real mother. Otherwise, who else would dare to touch Third Master Yan’s head like they were kneading dough to make pastries, hitting and patting his head whenever she felt like it?

Yan Rusheng let her have her way, constantly keeping in mind what his father had instructed him to do.

“Xiaosheng, Dad is begging you. Please make Mu Li happy so that Dad can have a chance to explain. Remember to coax her until she’s in a good mood. Once she’s happy, it will help settle everything more easily.”

Tsk. He felt furious at recalling how his dad had spoken in a meek and submissive tone!

Can’t he behave like a real man? His blood runs in him too. It’s enough that his dad had to be so submissive, but now he was being dragged into this too.

Young Master Yan eyed the beautiful lady beside him with a look of displeasure.

“Rascal, what’s with that expression in your eyes?” Mu Li interrogated Yan Rusheng with knitted eyebrows.

She merely told him off and he started glaring at her with resentment in his eyes.

“Can’t you tell this expression is filled with love?” Young Master Yan smiled instantly.