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He hid his resentment and bitterness and smiled innocently.

“Don’t try to pacify me with your glib tongue, all you know is how to annoy me. And you’re still claiming that it’s love.”

There wasn’t a mother who wouldn’t like having their child sweet talk her, especially from a good-looking son. Madam Mu Li was just like any other mother.

She had scolded her son, but actually, she didn’t mean it. The smile in her eyes couldn’t be hidden.

In the kitchen, sizzling sounds could be heard.

The ingredients were in the wok!

Mu Li glanced in the direction of the kitchen, and through the frosted glass door, she could see the tiny figure bustling inside. Her heart was filled with an indescribable fondness.

She pulled out the chair next to Yan Rusheng and sat down. She inched closer to him and asked softly, “Son, you’re already 25, when are you going to give me a grandchild?”

He didn’t even have a wife and now they were discussing about grandchildren. Wasn’t this too early?

To an ordinary family, it would indeed be too early when marriage wasn’t even on the cards and there was no sight of a potential daughter-in-law.

But to the Yan family—to Mu Li and Wang Daqin—the matter had already been delayed for too long.

So this time, it was a make-or-break matchmaking attempt!

“You wish for a grandchild?”

Usually, when they talked about this topic, Yan Rusheng’s expression would definitely turn cold. This time around, his expression wasn’t cold. Instead, he was smiling and it seemed that there was room for discussion.

He effortlessly lured in Mu Li to bite the bait.

She nodded furiously like a hen pecking at its food. “Uh huh, of course.”

After a short pause, she eagerly said, “Mom has already enjoyed what I should have enjoyed in this lifetime. I’ve also experienced what a person should have experienced. The last part is to watch you get married so that I can take care of my grandchild.”

Sigh, this was a sorrowful topic—a sorrowful topic of conversation for both her and Wang Daqin.

“I thought you wanted to find your happiness again?” Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows as he tried to conceal his smile. “Having a grandchild will only hinder you on your search for happiness. How can I do something so unfilial?”

He leaned back lazily, his arm resting on the back of Mu Li’s chair. He looked at her with a refreshing smile.

Had she fallen into her own trap?

Mu Li frowned secretly and her eyes shifted around.

She then smiled, seeming to have found an excellent explanation. “If I have a grandchild, I won’t be thinking of looking for my happiness. A grandchild would be more important.”

What nonsensical happiness would she look for anyway? The man she’d shared a bed with for decades had turned into an old man and even he couldn’t be trusted. How could she count on a younger man who would be more likely to succumb to temptation?

She wasn’t that naive.

Yan Rusheng withdrew his arm and said in a considerate manner. “I think it’s better not to. Since you loathe Yan Shanghong so much, then since he’s the child’s grandfather, to a certain degree the child is going to look like him. It would be asking too much for you to take care of a child who looks like someone you hate.”

He looked fixedly at Mu Li, pausing for a while before he continued with his eyebrows raised, “Don’t you agree?”

“Third Yan!” Mu Li clenched her fists and punched the table. She looked at her son and gnashed her teeth in anger. “You’re doing this on purpose, right? You’re still trying to put in a good word for the old man.”

The conversation had led to this and she finally realized that this rascal was helping his dad using another tactic.

“I’m being wronged!” Yan Rusheng’s blinked his peach blossom-shaped eyes pitifully and he had an innocent expression on his face. “What I’ve said is the truth, which sentence doesn’t make sense?

His expression seemed to ask, “Do you dare to say you don’t hate the old man right now? Are you certain that your future grandchild won’t resemble his grandfather even a little?”